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Full Name: Patrick Shannon
Nationality: American
Organization: MORITURI
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jake Quinn
Time Span: 1974 - 1975


Patrick Shannon is an agent with Morituri.

Morituri is a small, highly secret government agency created to handle situations that the FBI and CIA cannot without undue notice. Under the control of a priest referred to as Number One who runs his ministry out of a deteriorating old church, the bureau is often loaned out to other countries when the need arises, but only with the permission of the President. The department is an independent one in that, though the FBI and the CIA provide all the necessary funding to operate it, they do not directly control the actions nor pick the assignments. They can make requests but it up to Number One whether to act on the request and the manner in which the affair was handled.

Shannon has been an agent for Morituri for three years at the start of the series and is now considered its best agent. When he is not fighting the nation's enemies, Shannon is the highly successful author of a series of action novels about a character who is a spy. The books were considered by critics as too fanciful to be realistic even though Shannon based them loosely on his own career.

Shannon is independently wealthy, driving a new model Porsche and living in a two-story penthouse apartment with Joe-Dad, his personal cook, butler, and friend. Shannon is 6'2" tall, in terrific shape, and has a handsome enough face to make the ladies take a second look. He has a quick temper and is easily irritated but he seldom acts rashly and those that annoy him usually find reason to regret it. He has tremendous respect for the old priest who runs Morituri and listens to the man disclose his plans but Shannon knows that out in the field it was his own brains and skills and experience that would keep him alive.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1974
Last Appearance:1975

1 The Undertaker The Undertaker
Written by Jake Quinn
Copyright: 1974

The owner/dictator of a small Caribbean island has kidnapped seven beautiful women to be his sex slaves. One of them is a friend of Patrick Shannon who decides the leader needs to die.

2 The Shallow Grave The Shallow Grave
Written by Jake Quinn
Copyright: 1974

The Superior Mother is a huge madame who is the connection Patrick Shannon is seeking to a series of brutal, ritualistic killings in a voodoo style. Looking from Jamaica to New York, he is trying to catch the killers without getting caught himself.

3 The Mindbenders The Mindbenders
Written by Jake Quinn
Copyright: 1975

The suicide of a woman shortly after she made love to Patrick Shannon is somehow tied into the deaths of two other men and possibly points back to the U.N.


You would have to read this series yourself to believe how unbelievable it is. Or consider this one example and take my word for it: in the first adventure, Shannon is on a date with a woman he has been after for some time. Thinking tonight he would get lucky, he lets her off at his stoop while he goes around the corner to park the car. Upon his return, she is missing and he fears foul play. He is so distraught that the next night he invites a call-girl friend of his to dinner because he thinks better when he ... well, you get the idea.

The quality of the books seem to go downhill from there.


My Grade: D


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