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Full Name: Harry Seddall
Nationality: British
Organization: Military Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. K. Mayo
Time Span: 1985 - 1997


Harry Seddall is an agent with the British Military Intelligence.

He works in the Intelligence division of the Ministry of Defence. Some who know him say he IS the Intelligence division. Others say far worse things about him. He doesn't say much about it one way or the other, showing he cares very little of what people think of him.

Somewhere around forty, described as a young-old man, he looks the antithesis of a dashing spy. He has mousy, thinning hair on a too round face. His clothes are off the rack, seldom properly ironed, and ill fitting, poorly buttoned with collars that went wherever they wished. His mouth seems set permanently in a cynical smirk and his entire demeanor makes him seem either lazy or just up to no good. "He seemed slovenly, idle, and disreputable; and he looked clever."

When one man, an intelligent observer of people and their habits, was asked what he thought Seddall dealt with in his work, the man replied, "I think I would be wiser not to find out."

In another scene, Seddall tells a man to contact him via Military Intelligence, asking for Colonel Seddall. When the man expresses surprise about Seddall was in the military, he replies, "I'm not sure that I am, and neither are they [the military]. We never have been."

He really does not care whether he works alone or with others but with his often caustic comments and his apparent sloth, he is often alone because others shy from working closely with him. He is not, however, a mean or angry man, just one who knows what needs to be done and does it.

Seddall survives the many enemies his attitude has created over the years by the fact that he is just that good at his job. If there is a spy to be caught or a mole to be uncovered, Seddall is the man to call. Just don't expect to like him while he's doing it.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:1985
Last Appearance:1997

1 The Hunting Season The Hunting Season
Written by J. K. Mayo
Copyright: 1985

A successful playwright is the only witness to the death of a man on a ferry. Harry Seddall is the only one who believe the author is now himself in grave danger. When the man heads to Canada to escape the trouble, he becomes the prey in earnest.

2 Wolf's Head Wolf's Head
Written by J. K. Mayo
Copyright: 1986

Someone is on a vengeful trek, attacking some key people and making the powers that be very nervous. Harry Seddall is told to stop this man but to do so he has to go up against the top echelon in government.

3 Cry Havoc Cry Havoc
Written by J. K. Mayo
Copyright: 1989

Harry Seddall has made enemies in Whitehall over the years but now some of them have joined together to get their revenge, as well as increase their power base. Seddall has no intention of being their patsy.

4 A Shred Of Honour A Shred Of Honour
Written by J. K. Mayo
Copyright: 1993

A shipment of chemical weapons has disappeared and the Cabinet is up in arms. The head of MI-6 has vowed to take charge of the investigation but then suggests that Harry Seddall, on his own, also look into things.

5 The Masterless Men The Masterless Men
Written by J. K. Mayo
Copyright: 1995

Harry Seddall is marked for death by unknown forces and thus is in no mood to run to the rescue of a fellow agent who is fighting for his life against former Soviet hardliners with a plan of revenge against the West.

6 The Interloper The Interloper
Written by J. K. Mayo
Copyright: 1997

Investigating a murder of a new acquaintance, Harry Seddall uncovers a conspiracy that reaches to Whitehall. As he learns more, he himself is being studied by a mysterious figure called the Interloper.


I know I wouldn't like Harry as a person. And I know he wouldn't care whether I did or didn't. And I like that about him. The stories take some effort to follow and there are a few dry spots that are hard to push through but overall this is a good series, especially if you like dry British humor and sarcasm.

I do not know how well these books sold but they certainly would have done far better in the U.K. than in the U.S. because the agent is so very much British. He is understated at times and downright rude at others, making him often hard to like. He is not hard to respect.


My Grade: B


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