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Full Name: Probe
Series Name: Search
Nationality: American
Organization: Probe
Occupation Agency

Creator: Leslie Stevens
Time Span: 1972 - 1973


Probe is a private intelligence organization.

It is part of a much bigger conglomerate known as the World Securites Corporation which operates around the world as a combination fact finder and security provider. In an ever changing world where bad things happen, if a person or a company needs a little extra protection or help, there is some division in the WSC that can help. All for a good price, of course. The operations of this highly technologically sophisticated company is housed in a 48-story building two blocks from the UN in New York City. Though the company itself is huge, many of its departments are kept very quiet, doing their jobs in the background.

One such department is Probe, occupying the top eight floors of that building. Most of the space is filled with the latest in computer and other electronic equipment all created by the genius of its overseer, V.C.R. Cameron. It also houses a control room even NASA would have been envious of. From this room, technicians under Cameron's direction monitor the agents of Probe as they went about their missions.

This monitoring is done through the wizardry of Cameron's inventions which includes miniaturized television scanners which are able to not only send the sights and sounds witnessed by the agent but also considerable medical information. Not only could the watchers know how the agent was faring, they could get a fair idea about anything or anyone the agent encountered. A special audio device implanted behind the ear of the agent allowed the monitors to talk to the agent and a beeper-like item in a tooth could be used to send Yes-No responses back from the agent.

The international aspect of World Securities Corporation (sometimes called World Securities, Inc) and its division, Probe, coupled with the successes they produced, made the intelligence agencies of the Western powers natural clients, though they were not the only ones. Whoever the customer was, the primary role of Probe was to search and retrieve whatever the client wanted.

Probe has operatives around the world as needed but for the main work it relies on three highly gifted agents.

Leading the pack is Hugh Lockwood, codenamed Probe-One, who handles any case that comes his way though he stays out of any mob related matters. Those are left to the second agent is Nick Bianco - Omega Probe - who took those organized crime assignments because of years of law enforcement experience. Waiting in the wings is the third agent, C. R. Grover, also known as Standby Probe who is sent in whenever needed to help out. All three, and others unspecified, are controlled by Cameron.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1973
Last Appearance:1973

1 Search Search
Written by Robert Weverka
Copyright: 1973

Hugh Lockwood is sent to Europe to find and bring back a hidden cache of diamonds worth $22,000,000. Also wanting the gems, however, is a group of ex-Nazis who will stop at nothing to get there first.
This is a novelization of the pilot movie Probe, written by Leslie Stevens

2 Moonrock Moonrock
Written by Robert Weverka
Copyright: 1973

Lockwood is the agent dispatched to find the man who has stolen a huge, seven and a half pound diamond discovered by astronauts on the moon and brought back to Earth for study. The thief, a member of an Arabic organization, has taken it and Probe is hired by the U.S. to retrieve it.
This is also a novelization of an episode of the same name first shown in October of 1972, again written by Leslie Stevens.


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:1972
Last Appearance:1972

1 Probe Probe
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Leslie Stevens
Actors: Hugh O'Brian as Hugh Lockwood, Elke Sommer as Uli Ullman, Burgess Meredith as Cameron, Lilia Skala as Frieda Ullman, John Gielgud as Harold L. Streeter, Angel Tompkins as Gloria Harding
Released: 1972

A made-for-tv movie acting as a pilot for the series, this presented Hugh Lockwood as he is sent in search of a large amount of stolen diamonds.


Number of Episodes:23
First Appearance:1972
Last Appearance:1973

Hugh O'BrianHugh Lockwood [ 1 ]
Anthony FranciosaNick Bianco [ 1 ]
Doug McClureC.R. Grover [ 1 ]
Burgess MeredithB.C. Cameron [ 1 ]
Angel TompkinsGloria Harding [ 1 ]
A MartinezCarlos Lobos [ 1 ]

In February, 1972, NBC presented a pilot movie entitled Probe and followed up the next September with a television series entitled Search. This show would last only 23 regular episodes, ending in August of 1973.

The show was ahead of its time. Its high-tech gadgetry might be somewhat ahead of what is the norm even now but our routine use of hand-held computers, cellular phones, and TV walkmans makes it seem believable. Such was not the case 30 years ago when it was all a bit much. It was also in a lousy time - 10pm when it was beyond the reach of its best audience, kids and youngsters. Finally, add in a dispute between the creator/producer, Leslie Stevens, and the network which forced him out halfway through the first season. You end up with a short-lived series. It was a shame. This was a fun series that deserved better.

It had terrific action actors as its leads. Each show concerned a case involving one of three agents. The three actors were Hugh O'Brian, Anthony Franciosa, and Doug McClure. The division of labor was quite well spread out with the episode count being 8, 8, and 7 respectively. Running everything back at Control was Burgess Meredith with the assistance of Angel Tompkins and A Martinez.

1 The Murrow Disappearance
Episode 1x01, first aired 09/13/1972
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Leslie Stevens
Guest Stars: Capucine as Silvana Tristano, Maurice Evans as Roger White, David White as Miles Llewellyn, Ted Hartley as Lee Cardiff, Ginny Golden as iss Keach

Lockwood is in Washington DC to find out if a missing diplomat and member of high society is just off with a mistress or a victim of something bad.

2 One of Our Probes Is Missing
Episode 1x02, first aired 09/20/1972
Director: Philip Leacock
Writer: Leslie Stevens
Guest Stars: Stefanie Powers as Jill Davenport, Allen Garfield as Marty Zackarian, Milton Selzer as Lucas D. Kaplos, Jacquelyn Hyde as Lena M. Kaplos, Larry Linville as Hugh Emery

A fellow Probe agent disappears while checking a couterfeiting operation and Bianco is called in.

3 Short Circuit
Episode 1x03, first aired 09/27/1972
Director: Allen Reisner
Writer: Leslie Stevens
Guest Stars: Mary Ann Mobley as Lilia Moen, Jeff Corey as Dr. Carl Moen, Nate Esformes as Landis, Carol Jean Norman as Car Rental Girl, Edward Arnold as News Commentator

One agent is already dead trying to stop an angry scientist with a device that can disrupt communications, one who is heading to Probe headquarters.

4 Moonrock
Episode 1x04, first aired 10/04/1972
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Leslie Stevens
Guest Stars: Jo Ann Pflug as Dr. Laura Trapnell, Ann Prentiss as Ann Mulligan, Ford Rainey as r. Barnett, George Pan Andreas as Abbas Mirzah, Leo G. Morrell as Colonel Mirzah

WSC was in charge of security for the transfer of a huge diamond brought back from the moon when it was stolen and Lockwood is sent to find it.

5 Live Men Tell Tales
Episode 1x05, first aired 10/11/1972
Director: Marc Daniels
Writer: Irving Pearlberg
Guest Stars: Louise Sorel as Magda Reiner, Leslie Charleson as Nancy Kubica, Torin Thatcher as Stonestreet, Martin Koslek as Josip Dijilas, Tony Matranga as Peter Kubica

When a Probe agent dies investigating a very secretive European crime figure, Bianco is asked to find out what happened but his first order of business is finding the agent's body.

6 Operation Iceman
Episode 1x06, first aired 10/25/1972
Director: Robert L. Friend
Writer: S. S. Schweitzer
Guest Stars: Edward Mulhare as David Pelham, James Gregory as Ambassador Gordon Essex, Mary Frann as Stephanie Burnside, Edward Bell as Andre Gerard, Poup?e Bocar as Kalia Soulvan

The man known as the Iceman is said to be after a US Ambassador. Bianco leads a group to stop him but someone on the team is not playing for the same side.

7 The Bullet
Episode 1x07, first aired 11/01/1972
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Judy Burns
Guest Stars: Ina Balin as Alexia Trepov, Malachi Throne as Colonel Demetri Nobokov, Alan Bergman as Rolf Wentzel, Peter von Zerneck as Bremer, Robert Boon as Dr. Peter Balzak

An Eastern European country has developed a bullet with a quick acting poison in it and Lockwood is sent to get the formula but he is shot with the very weapon.

8 In Search of Midas
Episode 1x08, first aired 11/08/1972
Director: Nicholas Colasanto
Writers: Michael R. Stein, John Christopher Strong III
Guest Stars: Barbara Feldon as Kate Dawes, David Brian as J.R. Devlin, Logan Ramsey as Kenyon Wade, George Gaynes as Major Giles Matthews, Wallace Chadwell as James Barton

A reclusive billionaire has been out of sight for 18 months. A major newspaper hires WSC to see if he is still alive and Grover is given the job.

9 The Adonis File
Episode 1x09, first aired 11/15/1972
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Jack Turley
Guest Stars: Bill Bixby as Mark Elliott, Deanna Lund Matheso as Linda Harte, G.D. Spradlin as Stephen Ackerman, Victoria George as Anne Delaware, Brenda Benet as Carol Lesco

Lockwood looks into the disappearance of a woman who was the secretary and mistress of a popular talk-show host who is running for the Senate.

10 Flight to Nowhere
Episode 1x10, first aired 11/22/1972
Director: Paul Stanley
Writer: Brad Radnitz
Guest Stars: Linda Cristal as Antonia Bravo, JoAnna Cameron as Laura Day, Warren Vanders as Anderson, Don Dubbins as Neil Corbett, William Paterson as Harry Corbett

When a pilot friend of Lockwood vanishes in flight along with a valuable cargo, Lockwood is determined to find the truth even if Probe is not being paid.

11 The Gold Machine
Episode 1x11, first aired 12/20/1972
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Leslie Stevens
Guest Stars: Marian McCargo as Mrs. Mai Tsu Kuo, Kurt Kasznar as Reuben Harant, Hurd Hatfield as Chen Kuo, Bill Fletcher as General Chu, Mark Lenard as Karl August Speer

Lockwood and Gloria Harding work together to locate a missing gold mine in a rugged mountain range.

12 Let Us Prey
Episode 1x12, first aired 01/03/1973
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Don Balluck
Guest Stars: Diana Hyland as Anjeanette Marie Shanahan, Albert Paulsen as Henri Danzig, Mike de Anda as Fuentes, Walter Friedel as Richter, Roberto Antonio Rodriguez as Rodrigo

To get revenge on Bianco, a billionnaire kidnaps one of his former girl friends as bait.

13 A Honeymoon to Kill
Episode 1x13, first aired 01/10/1973
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: S. S. Schweitzer
Guest Stars: Luciana Paluzzi as Carla Lucchese Whitfield, Antoinette Bower as Contessa Penny Lucchese, Gary Clarke as Julian Whitfield, Rudy Solari as Luigi Lucchese, George Coulouris as Conte Carmine Lucchese

The daughter of a billionaire vanishes on her wedding day. She is also wanted for murder. She is also a target for other relatives anxious for her share of inheritance. Grover is sent to find her.

14 The Twenty-Four Carat Hit
Episode 1x14, first aired 01/24/1973
Directors: Russ Mayberry, Barry Shear
Writer: Jack Turley
Guest Stars: Dane Clark as Ed Bain, Wally Cox as Brother Sam, William Smith as Roman, Michael Conrad as Sam Donner, George Murdock as Pearson

A Probe agent's wife is killed and his daughter kidnapped by a criminal gang. He heads out alone to get her back and Bianco is sent to help.

15 Numbered for Death
Episode 1x15, first aired 01/31/1973
Director: Allen Reisner

Grover was not intending to find out about a blackmailing scheme to extort millions from a Swiss bank but once he does, he and Probe go about stopping it.

16 Countdown to Panic
Episode 1x16, first aired 02/07/1973
Director: Jerry Jameson
Writer: Judy Burns
Guest Stars: Ed Nelson as Commander William Parker, Anne Francis as Beth Parker, Keith Andes as r. Barnett, Jack Ging as Charles Hall, Robert Webber as Matthew Linden

When a WSC diver is infected with a deadly virus, he breaks out of the hospital to find his wife and Lockwood is sent after him to prevent a catastrophe.

17 The Clayton Lewis Document
Episode 1x17, first aired 02/14/1973
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Norman Hudis
Guest Stars: Craig Stevens as Clayton Lewis, Don Gordon as Alex Nevin, Julie Adams as Jeanette Lewis, Rhonda Fleming as Arlene Morrison, Ahna Capri as Pam Perry

A major advisor to the President is being blackmailed during disarmament talks and Bianco must use his underworld connections to learn who.

18 Goddess of Destruction
Episode 1x18, first aired 02/21/1973
Director: Jerry Jameson
Writer: Irving Pearlberg
Guest Stars: Anjanette Comer as Anne Ramon, Alfred Ryder as Dr. Sutra, John Vernon as Paul Holloway, Than Wyenn as 1st Representative, Reggie Nalder as Lal Panjim

Grover suspects a radical band of Thugees has stolen a valuable statue of the Hindu Goddess Kali and he heads to India to prove his theory and get it back.

19 The Mattson Papers
Episode 1x19, first aired 02/28/1973
Director: William Wiard
Writers: Don Balluck, S. S. Schweitzer
Guest Stars: Cameron Mitchell as Chief Walter J. Garrod, Tim O'Connor as Paul Kleinschmidt, Terry Carter as Hawley Mattson, Nancy Wilson as Sugar Francis, John Kerr as Senator Gordon

A reporter hot on the trail of a major crime story disappears in Texas and Bianco is sent to find him.

20 Moment of Madness
Episode 1x20, first aired 03/14/1973
Director: George McCowan
Writer: Richard Landau
Guest Stars: Patrick O'Neal as Ralph Byron, Brooke Bundy as Virginia Carr, Keith Andes as r. Barnett, James Sikking as Callas, Jan Merlin as O'Toole

Cameron is kidnapped late one evening. Grover is sent to get him back but time is of the essence as the kidnapper is determined to break the tech wizard.

21 Ends of the Earth
Episode 1x21, first aired 03/21/1973
Director: Ralph Senensky
Writer: Robert C. Dennis
Guest Stars: Sebastian Cabot as Theodore Tobler, William Bassett as Donald, Jay Robinson as Claude Johansen, Diana Muldaur as Sheila, Simon Scott as Slater

The travel agency named "Ends of the Earth" makes its real money helping crooks fake their deaths and then disappearing. Bianco goes undercover as a client.

22 Suffer My Child
Episode 1x22, first aired 03/28/1973
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Norman Hudis
Guest Stars: Mel Ferrer as John Rickman, Dianne Hull as Tracy Rickman, Dabney Coleman as Elliott Desmond, Paul Mantee as Sam Field, Byron Morrow as Martin Honer

Lockwood is brought in for what seems a routine kidnapping of a daughter of a Wall Street bigwig but he discovers nothing is routine about anything.

23 The Packagers
Episode 1x23, first aired 04/11/1973
Director: Michael Caffey
Writer: Robert C. Dennis
Guest Stars: Brioni Farrell as Zuhra Sinjar, Michael Pataki as Pierre Karim, Titos Vandis as President Alejandro Singar, John Holland as General Lionel B. Harbison, James Almanzar as Marouk

Grover is looking for an army officer who has gone missing and comes across a rebel band planning a coup.


It was a shame that the television series didn't do better as the premise was a natural for spy-fans like me. The stars were all highly capable of pulling off the hi-tech agent roles and the writing of at least those episodes by the creator, Stevens, were very entertaining.

The two novelizations show a lot of the magic of the concept, filling in some of the mystique that the shows had to gloss over. They are worth reading. When you do, keep the images of the actors who played the characters in mind to get more enjoyment. Hugh O'Brian had a fantastic suave and smooth air about him. Burgess Meredith with his raspy caustic comments is terrific. And the adorable Angel Tompkins belongs, well, anywhere she wants to be.


My Grade: B

Your Average Grade:   A+


Monsieur A+ 9/8/2015 9:52:11 AM

I enjoyed the series in its heyday. I discovered that I could purchase the complete series and the pilot episode from Amazon, and I did out of nostalgia. Hugh Lockwood's episodes were the best for me as I watched a "secret agent" resolve issues within the hour. Being "wired up" seemed so futuristic and now it ain't. A good series that should have continued on for a few more seasons.

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