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Full Name: John Savage
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Trevor
Time Span: 1967 - 1969


John Savage is an agent for British Intelligence.

The actual agency for which John Savage works in the Intelligence community is never named - he just answers to a man named Gordon Circle who apparently holds considerable power without the trappings. As cover for this department, Circle ran, along with his brothers Howard and James, the Circle Sporting Goods company, a real establishment that turned a good profit. None of the three men were really related and none really had the last name Circle but the cover was a good one and remained intact.

For this agency, Savage is their number-one go-to guy, the man most certain to get the job done. His particular cover to camouflage his movements and sometimes his need for lethal tools was as the owner and chief guide for Savage Safaris. With this profession, Savage is able to either take a small group in as the cover or use scouting for future tours as the reason for the visit.

As the go-to guy for Circle, Savage is considered an uncouth, albeit superbly trained killing machine, a man who will kill whoever needs it if the price is right. Even more disturbing to some who have to deal with him, John Savage seems to enjoy the mayhem. He definitely takes considerable satisfaction on a killing done well.

Tact is not a word to be used with Savage. At a formal dinner party with the new President of a South American country, a woman started to rub her hand uninvited on his leg and he none-too-quietly or unobtrusively placed a butter knife on the back of her hand and offered to cut it off if she did not stop. It amused at least one guest, made enemies of a couple, and showed that Savage had no use for niceties or diplomacy.

In the cover of both paperbacks Savage is shown to wear an eye patch over his left eye. I found no reference to such a liability in the books but it is likely there somewhere.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1969

1 The Savage Game The Savage Game
Written by James Trevor
Copyright: 1967

The Prime Minister has given the assignment to remove the leader of a South American nation and put a previous ruler back in power. John Savage is the man chosen to do it - alone.

2 The Savage Height The Savage Height
Written by James Trevor
Copyright: 1969

His cover being a scout for a movie producer looking for locations, John Savage's real task was to help one half of a divided nation conquer the other half, without being discovered.


If reading about a man who will kill anyone for just about anything and not really care afterwards is what you are after, this might be a series to look into. Action is definitely present, although the plots are far-fetched and the characters totally stereotypical. But they are fast reads. That is one plus.

And sometimes I do want a "I will kick your butt" story so I will not lose these two because I know I will go back to them again for more "you messed with the wrong guy this time" manliness.


My Grade: C


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