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Full Name: Marc Savage
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Reporter

Creator: Matthew Eden
Time Span: 1968 - 1973


Marc Savage is a part-time agent for the CIA.

Savage grew up in a powerful newpaper family, strongly involved in local politics and highly influential in the state's elections. He learned from his father the importance of being involved but chose a different method out of college. He joined the CIA and worked as a field operative for several years.

After a while, though, and possibly at the urging of his two brothers at the death of their father, he left the agency and rejoined the business, taking a one-third ownership in the growing chain of papers the brothers had inherited. Rather than remain in the office and work the business end, Savage decided the best place for him was in the field, see what his employees and competitors were seeing. He became an investigative reporter, leaving the operational control to the brothers. With Europe his beat, Savage roamed the countries freely looking for stories of interest to his readers back home.

Savage is a serious reporter, or at least serious about his end of things. He often takes a less than admiring attitude towards the whole business of journalism. While not cynical, his approach is more cautious, not believing everything anyone wrote. As time passes, he gains a close group of friends and stays on most people's good side. It was good for business.

The travelling that his job created made him the perfect candidate for the occasional odd assignment for his former employer, especially as one of his closest friends, Otis Stilwell, was the man at the Agency doing the asking. Together they engaged in numerous risky assignments, several of which were recorded in the books in the series.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:1968
Last Appearance:1973

1 Countdown To Crisis Countdown To Crisis
Written by Matthew Eden
Copyright: 1968

At the start of a major disarmament conference, the lead American negotiator disappears. Marc Savage, a reporter in London to cover the meeting, was one of the last people to see him and the CIA presses for him to help find what happened.

2 Dangerous Exchange Dangerous Exchange
Written by Matthew Eden
Copyright: 1969

The British are handing a Russian spy back to the Soviets but the CIA is certain he knows the entire setup of the Soviet network in America and wants to keep him. It falls on Marc Savage to find the proof and the British will provide no help.

3 Flight Of Hawks Flight Of Hawks
Written by Matthew Eden
Copyright: 1969

The downing of a US spy plane by a Soviet missile puts the world at the brink of war but the President and the Premier believe other forces are at work. The reporter, and former agent, Marc Savage is pressed back into action.

4 The Man Who Fell The Man Who Fell
Written by Matthew Eden
Copyright: 1970

It should have been a routine flight from London to Frankfurt but then a Soviet agent, running from authorities, hijacks the plane to fly to Moscow. Marc Savage, a passenger, now wonders how he, a former CIA agent, will be received.

5 The Gilt-Edged Traitor The Gilt-Edged Traitor
Written by Matthew Eden
Copyright: 1972

The murder of a Czech refugee lets the CIA know their operations in the region have been compromised. They send their best agent to settle the matter and he enlists the aid of his old friend, Savage.

6 Conquest Before Autumn Conquest Before Autumn
Written by Matthew Eden
Copyright: 1973

Everyone is hoping that the signing of a nuclear disarmament agreement will mean peace. A member of the President's staff is not so hopeful and wants to tell Marc Savage why but is killed before they can meet.


The author of the series, Mr. Eden, was a roving reporter, somewhat like Savage, with periods in America, Europe, the Middle East, and even Asia. His expertise as a journalist definitely comes across in the books. He says, though, that he was never an agent for the Agency like Savage and that those are just his imaginings. Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?

These three tales are very fast paced and fun. Not much time is spent learning about the characters but their actions are well documented. They are worth the time to read, especially since they don't take long to get through. That's how fast the reading goes, another positive point in their favor.


My Grade: B


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