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Full Name: Steve Savage
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Intelligence Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: David Lewis
Time Span: 1976 - 1976


Steve Savage is a part-time agent for British Intelligence.

A freelance photo-journalist with considerable experience all over the world, he is also a trained martial arts expert who is also quite good with weapons but does prefer his hands and feet. The small news-gathering agency for which he works also works at times for Britain's Intelligence Service. Savage has on occasioned mixed the two professions.

Born in the slums bordering the docks in London, Savage got his first taste of wanderlust as a young teenager and, at age 15, snuck onto a freighter to see the world.

Savage learned quickly how harsh it can be. When discovered as a stowaway, he was given a choice of succumbing to the advances of the captain or being flogged. He chose the latter and for the next six weeks he was beaten once or twice a week. Then as they neared land, he fought back, broke a bottle over the man's head and jumped ship to avoid arrest. That put him in Hong Kong.

In China, alone and starving, he was eventually allowed to help clean around a martial arts school in exchange for rice and a mat. After a year, he began to train and for six years he learned and then taught others. When again the wanderlust took hold, he headed to Saigon where he lucked into a temporary job as a cameraman for a desperate newsman and a new career was discovered.

Savage is in his late 20's when the series starts. A tall, athletic man with prematurely steel-gray hair, his "storm-cloud gray eyes surveyed the world with what seemed casual amusement, apparently noticing little - in reality missing nothing significant."

Now he travels to the most dangerous of places, reporting and filming the news, and sometimes helping out the SIS.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1976
Last Appearance:1976

1 The Andromeda Assignment The Andromeda Assignment
Written by David Lewis
Copyright: 1976

A Nazi U-Boat, sunk decades before in the harbor of a Norwegian port, has over 100 million dollars in gold onboard and several sets of people are willing to kill to keep others from getting it first.

2 The Omega Assignment The Omega Assignment
Written by David Lewis
Copyright: 1976

Agreeing to help in a diving operation, Steve Savage finds onboard the wrecked ship numerous corpses who had been locked in a compartment and one man still chained to a chair where he had been tortured. Finding all this, though, places Savage in the middle of a huge mess.


A fairly standard adventure series, it is well written and fun enough to hold your attention. A quick rainy day read. Steve Savage is an entertaining character who could easily have had many, many more adventures, especially when published by Pinnacle, a champion of the action-adventure men's novels.

The writing is quite good and in keeping with the adventure genre, not taking much time away from the action or the snappy dialogue or the pretty ladies. Which is just as it should be! Savage is a notch above the normal guy, though, as he is actually fairly respectful with the ladies.


My Grade: C+


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