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Full Name: John Paine
Series Name: Rogue Agent
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jack Drake
Time Span: 1991 - 1992


John Paine is an agent with the CIA.

Paine was an old-timer with the Agency, having served back in Vietnam in the famour Phoenix program where he and his fellow agents went deep into enemy territory to find and eliminate key personnel without warning and without mercy. Paine was one of their best but, in keeping with his penchant for speaking his mind and telling his superiors the truth, not just what they wanted to hear, he was always considered an outsider.

In the books depicted in the series, though, Paine is not just a rogue operative in that he does things his own way, he is truly a rogue agent, namely an agent that has revolted from his superiors and is out on his own, unpredictable and dangerous. He turns rogue when an order to hold or eliminate him goes out from headquarters and Paine has no idea why. He has done nothing to deserve it, being a good and loyal agent for many years. But someone from Langley wants him dead and Paine does not want to be dead. So he goes rogue.

This action, naturally, convinces most everyone at the Agency that he has gone bad. The CIA, fearing that he would head to either the Iron Curtain or worse, to the media, has upgraded the call to a "stop-at-all-cost". Paine, however, isn't as rabid as thought and knows that the real culprit is the high-level official who has framed him. Paine must find him to prove his innocence but he must stay alive to find the proof.

The concept for the series is that Paine was on assignment in East Germany when the mission was wrong and a colleague is killed. Suddenly what little evidence as to what happened points to Paine being a double agent and the order to capture him goes out. When Paine doesn't come quietly, certain that there is a mole, the order is intensified.

The six-book series is a serial with each volume being an episode merging immediately into the next.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:1991
Last Appearance:1992

1 Rogue Agent Rogue Agent
Written by Robert Tine
Copyright: 1991

A simple extraction from East Germany goes bad and John Paine is framed for the death of a fellow agent. Now the Agency want him dead and he doesn’t know who set him up.

2 Hard To Kill Hard To Kill
Written by Robert Tine
Copyright: 1991

To stay alive, John Paine has to hide out as a steward on a yacht but that just opens him up to even stranger trouble.

3 Blood Money Blood Money
Written by Bruce King
Copyright: 1991

Back in the States, John Paine find himself hunted by the Agency, a contract killer, and a crazed Albanian agent who wants revenge for an old affront.

4 Last Rites Last Rites
Written by Bruce King
Copyright: 1991

Even hiding as a priest isn’t enough to protect John Paine when a former friend uses his knowledge of Paine’s methods to direct more killers to his trail.

5 Guerilla War Guerilla War
Written by Bruce King
Copyright: 1991

Betrayal is the sin John Paine cannot stand and his recruiter and former friend betrayed him. Now to exact revenge, Paine must head to Sri Lanka where a waiting line is forming of people who want Paine dead.

6 Silent Assassin Silent Assassin
Written by Bruce King
Copyright: 1992

Angered at the events from the previous book, John Paine heads back to America to take on the head of Internal Security to see if he is really the mole.


The adventures of John Payne are not only a series, they are a serial. There is absolutely no distinction from the end of one book and the start of the next. I was beginning to enjoy the story-line, pleased that the action was steady, the direction of the plot straightforward, and everything moving to its rightful conclusion. Right up until the 6th book came and went and the darn story just didn't end. Period.

That is a shame, too, for the writing is enjoyable and the action is ongoing. Still, it would have been nice for a modicum of closure.

The serial aspect of the series was interesting because according to the renowned mystery historian, Al Hubin, the first two books were written by one man and the last four by someone else.


My Grade: C+


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