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Full Name: Alex Reynolds
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Fred Hunter
Time Span: 1997 - 2001


Alex Reynolds is a part-time agent for the CIA.

A commercial artist by trade because he doesn't believe himself good enough for real art, Reynolds is living a very pleasant life with his husband, Peter, in Chicago. Of course, also living with him is his mother, a woman fairly well off and loving of her son, though not his chosen lifestyle. That is to say, Peter. Not that she has anything exactly against Peter except that he is male and since her son is also male, the chance for grandchildren seems slim.

To tell the truth, the townhouse in which they lived really belonged to Mom and it is a very nice one. Mom, a Brit by birth who came over to America to marry and stayed after the divorce years later because the weather was much nicer, has a considerable amount of money because her ex-husband had never bothered to change the beneficiary of his insurance before he got run over and apparently he was insured "up his bloomin' arse", according to Mom.

That is the life of Reynolds at the time the series starts. That was when, while waiting in a bar for Mom to watch an old movie in a local theater that bored Reynolds to death and Peter was working late, decided to have a drink or two to kill time. A very short, accidental, and innocent conversation with a stranger at the crowded bar was seen by two men pursuing the stranger. Now these men believe the stranger, an agent, passed something to Reynolds and that pushes Reynolds, Peter, and Mom into the clandestine work of the CIA and all the guns and knives and explosions that go with it.

Hardly trained for any of this and liking none of it, nevertheless, Reynolds holds his own against the enemy forces. With a lot of help from Peter. And even more from his mother.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:1997
Last Appearance:2001

1 Government Gay Government Gay
Written by Fred Hunter
Copyright: 1997

Alex Reynolds is beaten in the men's room of a bar by two guys who think he was passed something in the crowd. The next day, the CIA show up wanting information and matters just go downhill from there.

2 Federal Fag Federal Fag
Written by Fred Hunter
Copyright: 1998

Watching a porn movie to kill time in a hotel room in L.A., Alex Reynolds recognizes an old lover. When he looks him up, he finds the actor dead. And the CIA is suddenly also interested, putting Reynolds back into action.

3 Capital Queers Capital Queers
Written by Fred Hunter
Copyright: 1999

When friends of Alex Reynolds are found murdered apparently over a stolen religious artifact, he and his lover get possession of their dog as well as the attention of the killers.

4 National Nancys National Nancys
Written by Fred Hunter
Copyright: 2000

Alex Reynolds normally doesn't care for politics but he is pressured to help stuff envelopes in a campaign. A bombing kills the campaign manager and he and his family agree to help hunt down the killers.

5 The Chicken Asylum The Chicken Asylum
Written by Fred Hunter
Copyright: 2001

The CIA need to hide an Iraqi military defector and they decide, since the young man is gay, staying with Alex Reynolds would be just the thing. When the young man disappears, the trouble really begins.


With tongue firmly in cheek, Mr. Hunter obviously had a hoot writing this five-book series which is as much a mystery series as it is spy fiction. I had a hoot reading it. I guess I liked Reynolds well enough. Peter was okay. Mom is great.

Mom could have been the series all on her own. She is a no-nonsense kind of lady who speaks her own mind and goes her own way and Lord help whoever tries to tell her to do differently. Not that she wants her own series, which she would not. She would rather be left alone to work in her small garden. The bad guys will not let that happen, though, and, well, like I said, Lord help them.


My Grade: C+


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