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Full Name: Richard Raven
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: John Griffin
Time Span: 1976 - 1981


Richard Raven is a part-time agent with the British Secret Service.

He is a man stuck in a dead-end job, trapped inside an office "prison" when he decides that excitement at any cost was better than a slow death by monotony. At 23, he was already feeling life had passed him by and he chafed at the dullness. In a strange act of rebellion, he sent an advertisement to a newspaper declaring he had gone to university, was an accomplished driver having participated in rallies, wanted some exciting new job, and was willing to go anywhere and do anything. He did not really expect anything from it but it was fun to imagine. Then he got a response.

As the series progresses, the adventures keep coming, sometimes because of friends he knows and sometimes because of the contacts in the Intelligence community he gathers. Although not a traditional member of any agency, he acquires a closeness to British Intelligence and on occasion takes a job for them when the work sounds interesting or exciting. The jobs he does pay enough to give him enough independence to travel and that travel often lands him into the thick of things. Knowing this and knowing that he is not known as a regular agent, the Secret Service likes having him around.

He even enjoys a begrudging respect by the CIA, a group he goes up against more than once. While he does not work for them on any assignment, he has accepted their help or their acceptance, when his mission does not put him into conflict with theirs.

Raven is a young man throughout the series and enjoys a young man's attention to the ladies, an attention they promptly and regularly return. With Raven, the enjoyment is truly appreciated and valued, something they recognize.

Most of all, though, Raven likes adventure and cannot think of turning away from a mystery or an unknown that offers a chance of excitement. Even if it could kill him.


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:1976
Last Appearance:1981

1 Midas Operation Midas Operation
Written by John Griffin
Copyright: 1976

Answering an ad in the paper looking for someone out for adventure, Raven gets involved in a kidnapping and joins the victim's father in hunting down the culprits.

2 Standing Into Danger Standing Into Danger
Written by John Griffin
Copyright: 1976

On vacation, the girl Raven was dating comes upon a half of a body along the shore. Before reporting it, they decide that they would do the investigating themselves. This quickly lands them in trouble with the police and the CIA.

3 Circle Of Darkness Circle Of Darkness
Written by John Griffin
Copyright: 1976

While on a skiing trip in Switzerland, Richard Raven meets a beautiful woman and begins to enjoy time with her when trouble in the form of a dictator from Central Africa enters the picture. This trouble will take Raven all over Europe, including an unpleasant time on the Eiger.

4 Seeds Of Destruction Seeds Of Destruction
Written by John Griffin
Copyright: 1977

A friend of Raven asks him to come help in South Africa during the launch of his new company. While taking some time off, Raven comes upon the body of his murdered friend and suddenly he is a suspect and in for an amazing adventure.

5 Anarchists' Moon Anarchists' Moon
Written by John Griffin
Copyright: 1977

Conducting a study into the art of revolution, Raven finds that someone is also studying his study and he is suddenly in the middle of an implementation of his research.

6 The Ring Of Kerry The Ring Of Kerry
Written by John Griffin
Copyright: 1977

Raven had hardly arrived for the canoe trip in western Ireland when he is accosted and told to leave the country. Not one to be bullied, he stays on and find himself involved in the hunt for a very famous missing ruby.

7 St. Catherine's Wheel St. Catherine's Wheel
Written by John Griffin
Copyright: 1978

Working undercover for the government at St. Catherine's College, Raven becomes perplexed by the death of a coed by means that look like a vampire. Not quite a believer, he digs deeper and uncovers an underground submarine facility.

8 The Antarctic Convergence The Antarctic Convergence
Written by John Griffin
Copyright: 1978

The title refers to a 10-page document, a detailing a doctrine for the use of the continent that was radical and extremely controversial. Two copies existed but one went missing and the other caused considerable trouble.

9 Florentine Madonna Florentine Madonna
Written by John Griffin
Copyright: 1979

In Florence recovering from his last adventure, Raven becomes determined to find the reason behind a young woman's murder when her scantily clad body is found along the river bank. He is again soon in trouble with authorities and with those who want the matter closed.

10 Camelot Conundrum Camelot Conundrum
Written by John Griffin
Copyright: 1979

The theft of a shipment of plutonium has everyone in the government waiting for the ransom demand that never comes. When all other efforts to find it fail, the Minister in charge calls on Raven to help out but even he is stymied. At first.

11 Flame From Persepolis Flame From Persepolis
Written by John Griffin
Copyright: 1981

In Tehran when the Shah fled the country and the government fell, Raven is looked on with great suspicion, especially when he gets involved with a beautiful Persian "princess".


Once you overlook the fact that most of the adventures start with an incredible leap of faith, you have a fun series to enjoy. Case in point is the second book in which a girl Raven is dating comes upon the bottom half of a body along the shore. She seems a bit shaken up but readily agrees to get it on with Raven and then asks him to help her have fun by finding out who the man was and how did he die. Telling the police? Not so important, really. Especially after they find the missing half and the fun really gets going.

I think you see my point about believability. But dash it all, this is a hoot to read. What does that say about me?


My Grade: B-


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