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Full Name: Appleton Porter
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Marc Lovell
Time Span: 1980 - 1990


Appleton Porter is an agent for British Intelligence.

He knew that as a member of the British Secret Service, he was "like many other faceless agents attached to the secret services, each man with a specialty that might be needed no more than once a year, from safe-breaker to lip-reader, from acrobat to hypnotist. He was invaluable - once in a while."

Porter's specialty was languages. When not called upon by the Intelligence community, he was a senior official at the UK Philological Institute where he plied his trade in linguistics. He spoke six languages fluently, another five with skill though his accent was off, and he could function adequately in another seven.. The Service, when he was called upon, used him to occasionally scan items for nuances, write a foreign love letter or other missive, and, even rarer, act as a simultaneous translator at a conference.

Porter had certainly not been a field agent during the eight years that he worked with the Service after graduating from college. Though he dreamed of the idea and liked to imagine himself as a hard-fighting, hard-drinking, hard-womanizing man of the world, he was in truth not really what anybody would think of as a spy.

Porter stood 6'7" tall and was very thin. Very thin! Sandy colored hair, cut neat and short, made him blend in but his green eyes and freckles gave him a strange and boyish appearance. But even more than his height and appearance, the thing which kept him out of the field was, according to his dossier, that fact that he blushed easily, and often.

But for a man who was not really agent material, Porter soon finds a way and thus begins a delightful, light-hearted series about a most unusual agent.


Number of Books:14
First Appearance:1980
Last Appearance:1990

1 The Spy Game The Spy Game
Written by Marc Lovell
Copyright: 1980

The young woman who was asking to defect in London did not come from the troupe of Soviet Folk Dancers in town but from another group, this of Russians demonstrating ESP. With all the normal British agents known to the KGB, Appleton Porter is pulled into the field to handle the mind-reader.

2 The Spy With His Head In The Clouds The Spy With His Head In The Clouds
Written by Marc Lovell
Copyright: 1982

Someone has created a drug, administered in a drink, which is the ultimate truth serum; the victim answers every question without hesitation and then, when the drug has worn off, remembers nothing of the interrogation. Appleton Porter has job of hunting down the creator to get the formula.

3 Spy On The Run Spy On The Run
Written by Marc Lovell
Copyright: 1982

Appleton Porter is put into training to run in an international competition in Paris where he will be given a chance to memorize some formulae passed by a KGB agent. He is sure he can handle the assignment but can he handle the pretty woman from the CIA who wants to stop him.

4 Apple Spy In The Sky Apple Spy In The Sky
Written by Marc Lovell
Copyright: 1983

Appleton Porter is sent to the island of Ibiza off Spain's east coast to track down drug smugglers working for the KGB to bring illicit material to corrupt British soldiers. Upon arriving, he learns that another agent has already disappeared and he is the next target.

5 Apple To The Core Apple To The Core
Written by Marc Lovell
Copyright: 1983

Given the job of kidnapping a member of the Soviet Rural Quartet performing in London didn't sit well with Appleton Porter . How do you go about making off with a ninety-year-old man? It just wasn't done. So Porter comes up with his own scheme.

6 How Green Was My Apple How Green Was My Apple
Written by Marc Lovell
Copyright: 1984

Appleton Porter feels less self-conscious about his height when he is teamed with another agent, a lovely woman who stands 6'1". Romance may have to take a back seat though, when someone steals Porter's prized London taxi named Ethel.

7 The Only Good Apple In A Barrel Of Spies The Only Good Apple In A Barrel Of Spies
Written by Marc Lovell
Copyright: 1984

Everyone was interested in the Soviet spy Narkov, Americans, Israelis, Cubans, and on and on. But the last one to see him was the pick-pocket who robbed him just before he died and now everyone is after the pick-pocket, including Appleton Porter.

8 The Spy Who Got His Feet Wet The Spy Who Got His Feet Wet
Written by Marc Lovell
Copyright: 1985

When the Service needed a spy who was very tall and could speak Russian, Appleton Porter knew the mission was for him. But even as the job to take part in a basketball tournament in Ireland gets started, the case goes awry and Porter is up to his tall elbows in Soviet agents.

9 Good Spies Don't Grow On Trees Good Spies Don't Grow On Trees
Written by Marc Lovell
Copyright: 1986

All Appleton Porter was supposed to do was to engage an young female Soviet chess champion in idle conversation for 15 minutes. Instead, Porter soon is sharing tea with her and inviting her to join him at his cottage, which she is inclined to accept.

10 The Spy Who Barked In The Night The Spy Who Barked In The Night
Written by Marc Lovell
Copyright: 1986

Appleton Porter is sent, along with his own dog, to Scotland where a film crew is shooting a movie. One of the cast or crew is really an enemy agent intent on infiltrating a top security facility in the area and Porter must find out who the agent is.

11 The Spy Who Fell Off The Back Of The Bus The Spy Who Fell Off The Back Of The Bus
Written by Marc Lovell
Copyright: 1988

This mission gives Appleton Porter a chance to be on his own as he takes the role of an American billionaire bidding on a manuscript by Arthur Conan Doyle apparently attacking his creation, Holmes. Why this is a matter of national security, Porter doesn't know but there are other agents also after it.

12 The Great Big Trenchcoat In The Sky The Great Big Trenchcoat In The Sky
Written by Marc Lovell
Copyright: 1988

Anxious to get rid of the one item in his dossier keeping him from enjoying a full-time career as a spy, his blushing, Appleton Porter joins Blushers Anonymous. He soon comes to believe that they are a Communist organization which must be stopped.

13 Ethel And The Naked Spy Ethel And The Naked Spy
Written by Marc Lovell
Copyright: 1989

Ordered to take part in the British Old Vehicle Association's annual rally from Paris to Vienna, Appleton Porter is to find out which participant is planning to defect to Russia and stop them. He chooses to go in his own retired London taxi, named Ethel.

14 Comfort Me With Spies Comfort Me With Spies
Written by Marc Lovell
Copyright: 1990

Appleton Porter job was to take part in a world wrestling competition where he was to lose quickly and then work on discrediting several other participants. But Porter keeps winning and that wasn't in the plan.


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:1987
Last Appearance:1987


I don't think you can NOT like Appleton Porter. There isn't an unlikeable bone in his very, very tall body. And if you like Appleton, you will really like Ethel. She is old, fussy at times, drinks her fair share, and gives Appleton all the rides he wants. Ethel is his car.

The manner with which Mr. Lovell writes about this delightful man is a treasure. I am glad to say there were a lot of books about Apple. And they all are worth reading. Porter may get a bit better as he ages, and who wouldn't, but he remains as precious as he ever was and just as much fun to follow.


My Grade: B-


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