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Full Name: Bill Cartwright
Series Name: Operation Hang Ten
Nationality: American
Organization: Operation Hang Ten
Occupation Agent

Creator: Patrick Morgan
Time Span: 1969 - 1973


Bill Cartwright is an agent with Operation Hang Ten.

The trouble with discovering the espionage work by other nations taking place under cover of the youth movement is that trying to sneak agents into the teen scene almost never works. The premise behind Operation Hang Ten, a small intelligence agency created just for this purpose, was that the best infiltrators were those already inside. In a 'Mod Squad' approach, the head of the organization has drafted several young adults who were established in the region.

Chief among his young agents was William Cartwright. Born in November of 1945, Cartwright joined Hang Ten in 1966. After a childhood spent along the beaches of California, Hawaii, and Australia, his love of surfing was firmly implanted and he had won several championships in his younger days.

When his parents died and left him over ten million dollars, Cartwright knew that working was something he had to do only is he wanted. But the excitement of his cover-job, that of a private investigator, coupled with the danger of the intelligence work, has made Cartwright the best that Hang Ten had to offer.

The write-up on the back of the first chronicle truly sets the mood for the character as well as the style of action to be found in the books:

'Four paternity suits. Three breach of promise suits. No conviction so far, but give him time. Hobbies: surfing, women, and, whenever possible, poking a crooked finger in the hairy eyeball of the Establishment. Vocation: Secret agent for the United States Government.'

By the way, virtually every book has the head of the organization instructing his secretary to contact Cartwright by using the special phone and dialing 'six zero dash six nine'.


Number of Books:10
First Appearance:1969
Last Appearance:1973

1 Hang Dead Hawaiian Style Hang Dead Hawaiian Style
Written by Patrick Morgan
Copyright: 1969

When a simple purchase of a microdot filled with Red Chinese weapon technology, the true identity of the troublemaker is not known. It could be the Chinese, the Soviets, or a simple robbery. Bill Cartwright is sent to Hawaii to get the microdot. When an innocent girl is killed, it turns personal.

2 Too Mini Murders Too Mini Murders
Written by Patrick Morgan
Copyright: 1969

The number of girls dying suddenly of drug overdoses was itself enough to make it noteworthy but when the latest girl to disappear is the daughter of the head of a major military weapon laboratory, it is time for Hang Ten to send in its top agent.

3 Deadly Group Down Under Deadly Group Down Under
Written by Patrick Morgan
Copyright: 1970

Lisa Dane, an extremely popular movie star, is at the top of her game and living it to the hilt. Wild parties go wherever she goes and she goes all around the world. So does someone in her entourage who is smuggling military secrets. It is Bill Cartwright's job to find and stop whoever it is.

4 Cute And Deadly Surf Twins Cute And Deadly Surf Twins
Written by Patrick Morgan
Copyright: 1970

A man named Moga is funnelling large amounts of dollars out of the country to fund various communist uprisings around the world. Bill Cartwright is told to stop him but stopping Cartwright is a serial killer with a love of young dead girls.

5 Scarlet Surf At Makaha Scarlet Surf At Makaha
Written by Patrick Morgan
Copyright: 1970

Someone stole a large shipment of gold, worth over seven million dollars, from a ship off the coast of England. Months later, the proceeds of that heist seem to be in play in a business transaction in Hawaii. It is Bill Cartwright's job to find the evidence to prove it.

6 Topless Dancer Hangup Topless Dancer Hangup
Written by Patrick Morgan
Copyright: 1971

Sandra Denny was an exotic dancer and a good one. She was also a Hang Ten agent and a good one. She was also missing along with $10,000 and an even more important filmstrip. Bill Cartwright is the one chosen to track her down and either save her or see her in jail.

7 The Girl In The Telltale Bikini The Girl In The Telltale Bikini
Written by Patrick Morgan
Copyright: 1971

An apparently exact double of Bill Cartwright is getting him accused of stealing Navy documents in Australia even while he is lying low in Laguna. Why are beautiful girls disappearing and can Cartwright find out the secret even as he tries to stay out of federal prison.

8 Beach Queen Blowout Beach Queen Blowout
Written by Patrick Morgan
Copyright: 1971

On the dead girl's breast was a heart-shaped mark, the symbol for a strange cult of sex-crazed young people. It was this group that was intricately involved in a rash of oil spills from drilling sites just off the coast of California.

9 Death Car Surfside Death Car Surfside
Written by Patrick Morgan
Copyright: 1972

He went to considerable effort to save her life when her car went off a pier. She lived only to be killed shortly thereafter. Finding out who was so determined to see her dead brought Bill Cartwright into conflict with a modern Ma Barker and her group of drugged-up boys and girls.

10 Freaked Out Strangler Freaked Out Strangler
Written by Patrick Morgan
Copyright: 1973

The young woman had information about a missile leak as well as a series of murders but she would only pass the info to Bill Cartwright. When he came to talk, she was dead, the only clue being a green ink stamp of a palm tree on her hand.


If you went into these books not expecting very much, you'll come out of them with a grin on your face. It is certainly Mod-Squad-meets-Our-Man-Flint. The writing is simple but entertaining. The characterization is simple but sufficient. The action is predictable but fun.

Clearly marked for a young crowd, this series achieves its goal and should be checked out for just a simple good time. It also makes you realize that your younger days where never like those people in the books - or at least mine weren't.


My Grade: C

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Rock Savage A+ 11/5/2012 2:12:44 PM

I read two of these. Nice, but where can I find more? They seem hard to get.

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