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Full Name: John Morpurgo
Nationality: British
Organization: MI5
Occupation Agent

Creator: William Garner
Time Span: 1983 - 1986


John Morpurgo is an agent with MI-5.

He has served as such for many years prior to the start of this series, accomplishing two things as a result. He has worked his way up the chain by being very good at his work and getting the job done. And he has made an impressive collection of enemies who would like to see him dead and most are not on the opposite side.

There have been many series written in which the main character was a playboy, a skirt-chaser, a Don Juan, and any other manner of description desired but few have actually dealt with a situation in which the character is having an ongoing affair and it plays a major role in the events. At the top of the hate-Morpurgo crowd is the man just below him in the department. The irony is that as the books start, the man despises Morpurgo and doesn't yet know that his wife is having an affair with Morpurgo. The delight that Morpurgo has in dealing with a man who hates him, knowing that he has been sleeping with that man's wife, make this agent even more unlikeable that he already was.

It isn't surprising as the series continues that when Morpurgo just barely completes another mission and makes even more people angry, it becomes clear he is no longer welcome in the agency. A move from being spy-hunter to being spy is forced on him. But now on loan to MI-6, he can't help make more enemies. Morpurgo's way with words and his annoying habit of telling people what he thinks make even would-be friends tire of being around him. Morpurgo is left to ponder what is wrong with all of them even though he knows it is really himself.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1983
Last Appearance:1986

1 Thing Big, Think Dirty Thing Big, Think Dirty
Written by William Garner
Copyright: 1983

When the Soviet spy was caught, interrogating him was expected. When it was learned that the man was already dieing, it became an interesting moral dilemma. When there becomes evidence he knows of a powerful mole in British Intelligence, confusion becomes the order.

2 Rat's Alley Rat's Alley
Written by William Garner
Copyright: 1984

The connection between a plot to kill the President while visiting London and a discovery of a possible major oil find seems tenuous but when discredited spy-hunter Morpurgo looks into it he sees a chance to reclaim his lost reputation.

3 Zones Of Silence Zones Of Silence
Written by William Garner
Copyright: 1986

An SIS agent working in Czechoslovakia disappears. A year and half later he shows up in Vienna supposedly with no memory and wanting asylum. Morpurgo is sent to investigate and gets caught in a power struggle between MI-5, MI-6, CIA and the KGB.


I am not a good enough fan of spy-fi to like a series where I despise the main character. It is that simple. Yes, Morpurgo is very good at what he does but he is such a rat in other areas and so bad with social amenities that it is no fun reading the books.

Mr. Garner's writing is excellent and his pacing is very good. The plots are well thought out and presented. I just can't see wasting my time with a character like Morpurgo. He really is a pig. He even knows it but sees no reason to change. He is what he is.

So I'd say the series is good. The character isn't.


My Grade: B-


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