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Full Name: Michael Morgan
Nationality: British
Organization: Special Strike Group
Occupation Agent

Creator: Stanley Morgan
Time Span: 1970 - 1973


Michael Morgan is an agent with the Special Strike Group.

The SSG, headed by a well respected former MI6 official named Percy Hepworth, was founded to be a fast responding intelligence task force that could operate without the bureaucratic crag mire MI6 was muddled in. Hepworth was allowed 40 agents exactly, to be used to get to trouble spots and assess the true situation. A recruit was allowed only when an agent quit or, more likely, was killed in the line of duty.

This dangerous work called for the most elite in agents who usually worked in pairs. Michael Morgan's partner is Tarja Rankatcharyan, a Ghurka from the kingdom of Nepal. This relationship is a close one and the two agents work and play well together, making for an enjoyable respite from the far more common solitary agent adventure.

Morgan is a tall, dark-haired man whose good looks and physique routinely attracts a second look by most women. He "radiated a sleek, intrinsic strength, an almost arrogant sell-possession that fascinated them." He was able to cause consternation in such admirers with a flat, direct gaze that confused them, excited them, and eventually scared them a little as his intent was often not obvious. Morgan enjoyed the reaction, and considered himself a bastard for the amusement.

A graduate of Cambridge, Morgan has been in Military Intelligence for nearly a decade before Percy approached him to join the select department. Both Morgan and "Rankat" have been agents with SSG for just over three years and have survived several difficult missions, saving each other's lives in the process. They both chafed when waiting for the next mission, preferring the action and the danger to sitting safely and bored in London.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1970
Last Appearance:1973

1 Octopus Hill Octopus Hill
Written by Stanley Morgan
Copyright: 1970

As an emerging African nation of Ruba prepares for its independence from England, a Red Chinese plot to put its puppets into power threatens to destroy the chance of democracy unless Michael Morgan and his partner can break it up.

2 Mission To Katuma Mission To Katuma
Written by Stanley Morgan
Copyright: 1973

The rebel leader in the African nation of Katuma, needing a hostage to exchange for his captured brother, kidnaps a British diplomatic advisor's daughter. It is up to Michael Morgan and Tarja to help free her before it is learned the brother is already dead.


It is a shame that Mr. Morgan's success with his other characters kept him from writing more adventures about Mr. Morgan. These tales are not spectacular and the dialogue tends to be stilted but the action is very good and camaraderie between Michael and Tarja is excellent. 'Buddy' series are rare and ones in which there really isn't a senior partner is even rarer. These two guys are truly equals and actual good friends with no rivalry to pull at them.

The writing style works well with these two as it concentrates on what it is best at, exciting danger with fierce gun fights, knife fights, fist fights, and the occasional explosion.


My Grade: B-


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