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Full Name: John Miro
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Shaun Herron
Time Span: 1969 - 1972


John Miro is an agent with the CIA.

Though the initials "CIA" are not mentioned directly as the agency which has employed Miro for a quarter century, it is called the Firm many times amid references to the bosses back at Langley.

Miro is certainly not much to look at, and never was. A plain man who dresses plainly and cheaply, drives a regular car, and does not have any real vices or any great passions. He does his job, well, and does on his life.

Miro, at the start of the series, is nearing the end of his career. He has a reputation for getting the job done but has made few friends in the process. This is not from any antagonistic action but rather from the taciturn approach he has to his work. Listening and observing are his strong points and it is hard to do either while talking. Unfortunately for him, self-promotion is often the best way to get ahead and Miro would never even think of doing it, let alone speak up.

This isolationism is what probably gets himself set up, the main emphasis of the series. If an agent is ready to quit and has few friends to watch his back, he is the perfect choice when meat needs thrown to the lions. Miro may not see it coming as it does but he has quietly capable of survival in the field so he can survive at home, something the people who want to label him patsy should have remembered.

The full name of the character is John Miro but throughout the series, that is only mentioned once or twice. He is known as Miro to everyone, even his wife.

Note: the first book in the series, Miro, was a runner-up for the Edgar award in 1970, losing out to Dick Francis' excellent Forfeit.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1969
Last Appearance:1972

1 Miro Miro
Written by Shaun Herron
Copyright: 1969

On his last mission for the Firm, Miro is deemed far more expendable than usual and becomes the perfect sacrifical lamb in an attempt to cleanse the agency of some very naughty sins.

2 The Hound And The Fox And The Harper The Hound And The Fox And The Harper
aka Miro Papers
Written by Shaun Herron
Copyright: 1970

In hiding and finishing his memoirs, which he hopes will help fund his new life with his wife and expected child, Miro learns that several different groups now know of his secret writing and each want it and him gone for good.

3 Through The Dark And Hairy Wood Through The Dark And Hairy Wood
Written by Shaun Herron
Copyright: 1972

Having written a book about his adventures and seen it made into a movie, Miro is now well off and living happily with his wife and son in Donegal. Then a trip across the border into Northern Ireland brings home the reality of that war.


You can't read the 3-book series about Miro without growling to yourself. Here is a good man who wants a simple life and others keep trying to kill him or get him killed. And when they go after his wife, well, the murmurs get really loud.

If this were a melodrama, the bad guys would have long spiral mustaches and evict popcorn thrown at the stage. In the books, they look normal and just get bad looks from the readers.

I wish this could have been made into a movie just to throw the popcorn.


My Grade: B+


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