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Full Name: Philip Mercer
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Other - Geologist

Creator: Jack Du Brul
Time Span: 1998 - 2015


Philip Mercer is a geologist.

He is, in fact, one of the best mining engineers and consultants in the world and it is that profession that takes him all over the globe. While a considerable number of companies have tried to hire him exclusively, he prefers to pick and choose his clients and assignments, taking the ones that are the most interesting, and charging a hefty fee for his knowledge.

Traveling the world on these jobs, Mercer often finds himself in trouble spots for the simple fact that the greater the chance of riches beneath the earth, the greater the number of people fighting over it. Though Mercer would prefer to avoid such fighting, that invariably proves impossible and he reluctantly finds himself getting involved in more wild and wooly adventures than most spies could dream of.

When he is not traveling, he lives in an old three-story brownstone in Arlington, Virginia, which he had gutted and totally remodeled to fit him. He has a close friend named Harry, nearing 80 in age, who looks after the place when he is away and usually makes himself to Mercer's liquor cabinet while doing so. Despite having made the place just the way he wants it, though, the house is strangely devoid of personal mementos, things he still has in boxes as he has just never taken the time to unpack, even after five years.

Prior to the series starting, Mercer had already come to attention of various Intelligence agencies not only for his reputation as a geologist but also because of an incident just before the first Gulf War when a team of Delta soldiers entered Iraq to find it Hussein was mining uranium. Mercer was asked to go with them as a non-combatant but when the covert expedition was discovered, the leader was killed and chaos followed until Mercer took charge and got those still alive out of the area. This earned him a considerable number of good friends in the Special Forces as well as enhancing his reputation as someone who could handle himself.

The science involved in each of the adventures is deeply involved in the plots of these international thrillers but it is well thought out and simply explained in laymen terms.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:1998
Last Appearance:2015

1 Vulcan's Forge Vulcan's Forge
Written by Jack Du Brul
Copyright: 1998

Philip Mercer is caught in the middle of a secessionist movement in Hawaii and the explosion of a nuclear bomb beneath the Pacific Ocean that is having damning effect around the globe.
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2 Charon's Landing Charon's Landing
Written by Jack Du Brul
Copyright: 1999

Philip Mercer finds himself up against a former KGB leader and a power-hungry Arab oil minister who are bent on total control of the oil market by destroying the Alaskan pipeline.
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3 The Medusa Stone The Medusa Stone
Written by Jack Du Brul
Copyright: 2000

Ten years ago, the spy satellite named Medusa revealed a secret buried deep in the earth, a secret that some would risk anything to get. Philip Mercer's reason for helping is not so selfish - his best friend is being held hostage ensuring his cooperation.
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4 Pandora's Curse Pandora's Curse
Written by Jack Du Brul
Copyright: 2001

A long-abandoned US army base is found buried beneath the ice in Greenland even as a huge German company is prepared to destroy anything to hide its Nazi pasts.
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5 River Of Ruin River Of Ruin
Written by Jack Du Brul
Copyright: 2002

Philip Mercer obtains a an old diary dating from the building of the Panama Canal only to defend it from Chinese assassins determined to get it. Now Mercer is determined to find out why.
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6 Deep Fire Rising Deep Fire Rising
Written by Jack Du Brul
Copyright: 2003

A secret order of Himalayan monks claim to have the ability to predict movement in the earth. They now believe that a cataclysm is about to occur and they are determined to see that it happens. Philip Mercer hopes to stop them and save the lives of millions.
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7 Havoc Havoc
Written by Jack Du Brul
Copyright: 2006

In central Africa looking for precious metals, Mercer comes upon a CDC researcher. Both are nearly killed by rebels before escaping. Now Philip Mercer learns of a discovery from decades before that could change the world for the better but it is inside the war-torn region.
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8 The Lightning Stones The Lightning Stones
Written by Jack Du Brul
Copyright: 2015

Philip Mercer travels two thousand feet down to visit an old friend exploring in a mine, only to hear in the distance gunfire killing his friend and his colleagues. This sets Mercer on the trail of the murderers and into a mystery concerning, among other things, something Amelia Earhart might have been carrying when she disappeared.
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I really, really enjoyed that daylights out of this series. When I heard that Mr. Du Brul had been hired to work on Clive Cussler's Oregon Files series, I welcomed his input into that fun series but mourned the lack of new Mercer adventures. The Oregon Files are fun to read. Philip Mercer is fantastic to read. Tough choice.

Not being a geologist in any degree, I have no idea whether the things Mercer says and does and deals with are accurate. They probably are. It doesn't matter. Mr. Du Brul gives you absolutely no reason to NOT believe them, although when he discusses the dangers of a tsunami from a volcano on an African island wiping out North Carolina, I wished I could disbelieve.


My Grade: A+

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Vadernator A+ 10/15/2012 9:22:10 AM

Philip Mercer is #2 on my list of favorite character (very close behind Gabriel Allon). I am dissapointed that he is writing the Clive Cussler series only from the standpoint that I really, really liked this character. Hopefully he will come back to this series at some point? Such a solid, well rounded characters with flaws and feelings and depth.

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