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Full Name: John Medina
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Linda Howard
Time Span: 1998 - 2004


John Medina is an agent with the CIA.

He is said to be the best the Agency has in the field of Black Ops. He operates best in the shadows, known by only a handful of people. Using aliases whenever possible, he prefers to work alone. Loyalty is his strongest virtue; once a friend you're a friend for life.

In the two-book series in which Medina operates, the main characters are those who get involved in the assignments, not Medina himself, although he plays a key role in both, especially the second. When he does step in, however, it is to bring the situation to a satisfactory conclusion.

To look at Medina is to think him an Ivy League lawyer or lobbyist by the manicure, the perfect hair, the tailored suits, and the steely look in his eyes. The thought would be wrong. To his supervisor, a man with far too many years controlling agents in the field, Medina is the most dangerous man he had ever met.

Medina had a way of looking at a problem like few others. It was as though he saw the facts and then saw past them, like a master chess player. His skills with a computer were remarkable, taught to him by an expert. His skills at killing were ever more impressive.

Few people really knew Medina. A few thought they might but he had a reticence about revealing too much to anyone, a trait taught him by his father, a legendary CIA operative himself.

Medina is a former Seal who had excelled at the rigorous training they had put him through. He was an excellent pilot, could sail a boat with ease. Furthermore, he "could set a bone, and probably sew a dress." Medina did most things well.

Medina was known to be a widower, having lost his wife many years before when they were both still fairly young. How she died was still a mystery to most but the stories in the Agency were that she had been a double agent working for the KGB and Medina had found her out. The rumor was that he took her out himself.

Medina is not a man to mess with. Ever.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1998
Last Appearance:2004

There is mention of him in a third book, "Kiss Me While I Sleep", but no real participation on his part, just that he had given the agent in the book his training. I include it largely because ever other listing of the series does and I have been "corrected" too many times.

1 Kill And Tell Kill And Tell
Written by Linda Howard
Copyright: 1998

After receiving a package from a father she hardly knew, Karen thought little about it until he was found murdered and someone is now after her. She and the detective investigating are soon in danger. John Medina is in the shadows watching and helping from afar.
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2 All The Queen's Men All The Queen's Men
Written by Linda Howard
Copyright: 1999

A European arms dealer is selling munitions to terrorists that John Medina wants to catch. He needs the use of a tracking device Niema has created but involving her gravely risks her safety.
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3 Kiss Me While I Sleep Kiss Me While I Sleep
Written by Linda Howard
Copyright: 2004

Lily Mansfield is one of the best contract killers the CIA has ever used but her recent actions have worried those running her and it might be time for her to be permanently retired.
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I was very pleasingly wrong about the trepidation I had about trying this series, being written by a romance author. I was wrong about both of these novels. They are darn good and the spy parts are as good as the romance, if not better. Well worth a read and well worth a desire for more Medina.

Ms. Howard really knows how to tell a story. The scenes she creates of danger and suspense really hold you and make you keep reading. Just what you want in a spy thriller.

I do wish Medina had played a bigger role and that Ms. Howard had written more about this dangerous and fascinating man. I would have bought and read them without a doubt.


My Grade: B-


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