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Full Name: Kirk McGarvey
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: David Hagberg
Time Span: 1989 - 2021


Kirk McGarvey is an agent with the CIA.

An intelligence horse truly of the Cold War, trained to fight communism on all fronts with winning being the only real rule, he came to the Agency during the late 60's, based on the years he is said to have served before his forced retirement. This severance came during the later years of the Carter administration when Stansfield Turner opted for a kinder, gentler spy bureau.

When the series begins, he is in his mid 40's and has spent the past few years largely moping in Switzerland where he co-owns a bookstore and lives with the lovely Marta while dealing with the amorous teasing of his partner's adult daughter. It is a good life but he is very much bored and wishing something would happen. As he waits, he is fairly certain that both ladies in his life actually report his actions regularly to the Swiss government.

As would befit of a man of McGarvey's upbringing, he does not suffer fools easily. He speaks his mind clearly and succinctly and will not back down. While many who do not like him consider him pig-headed and a Neanderthal, McGarvey knows he just has his own opinions and see no reason to change his ways. When he is brought back into the Agency, his attitude was that he had been thrown out once and survived so he would certainly survive again. If you do not want him, kick him out. If you do not kick him out, stay the heck out of his way so he can get the job done.

Throughout the many books in the series, McGarvey's life and his career take some very drastic changes. Starting in an out-of-favor position, he will eventually work his way back into the Agency and to the very top position before retiring again. That won't stop him, though, as life and trouble keeps calling.


Number of Books:26
First Appearance:1989
Last Appearance:2021

1 Without Honor Without Honor
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 1989

Living in Switzerland and running a bookshop, McGarvey is approached by a former colleague in the CIA to help find out what the Russians are up to and who the mole is passing them vital information.

2 Countdown Countdown
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 1990

A faction in the KGB is doing everything it can to destroy glasnost. The CIA very reluctantly asks McGarvey to come back once again to stop an enemy agent who is proving too good but someone at the Agency seems determined to block McGarvey's success.

3 Crossfire Crossfire
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 1991

To fund their efforts to take back power, hard-liners from the crumbling Soviet Union plan to steal a US gold shipment and place the blame on McGarvey. First, they must thoroughly discredit the man.

4 Critical Mass Critical Mass
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 1992

An aging Japanese man with a new desire for revenge over his family killed 50 years before at Hiroshima, is hatching a scheme for revenge and the KGB is using former Stasi agents to help him. McGarvey's girlfriend is killed and his ex-wife and daughter kidnapped and tortured in the plot.

5 High Flight High Flight
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 1995

McGarvey is hired by a large airline company to investigate recent accidents and to help prove the integrity of the company as it suffers from Japanese industrial espionage. Those doing the stealing, though, have a much larger agenda.

6 Assassin Assassin
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 1997

The CIA again has need of McGarvey as they learn that a skilled KGB operative nicknamed the Tarantula has in motion a plan to destroy the new Russian democracy and return to the days of the Soviets.

7 White House White House
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 1999

As he suffers from an explosion meant for him that kills his girlfriend and injures his daughter, McGarvey is also asked to check into increased activity in the Far East where an underground nuclear explosion marks the possible possession of such weapons by North Korea.

8 Joshua's Hammer Joshua's Hammer
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2000

Written before 9/11, this book tells the story of Osama Bin Laden and his getting possession of a nuclear bomb. When an American attack on the terrorist's camp kills his daughter, he is determined to get revenge. McGarvey's job is to stop him.

9 Kill Zone Kill Zone
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2002

Asked by the President to be an intermin Director of the CIA, McGarvey's appointment sets off a sleeping plot against him and the Agency put in place by McGarvey's old, now dead, archenemy, Baranov.

10 Soldier Of God Soldier Of God
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2005

McGarvey's people have traced a new plot against the West to a powerful Saudi prince but the US government orders a hands-off to keep diplomacy going. He won't let it drop, though, even when it puts his career and his family in danger.

11 Allah's Scorpion Allah's Scorpion
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2006

Now a former director of the CIA, McGarvey is again asked to help, this time to stop a new plot by Bin Laden to bring two nuclear missiles near enough to the U.S. to kill millions.

12 Dance With The Dragon Dance With The Dragon
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2007

The dead CIA agent's body is left on the doorstep to the American Embassy in Mexico. The only clue to his death is the request to tap the communications of the Chinese embassy but the why for the tap and for the death are unknown.

13 The Expeditor The Expeditor
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2009

McGarvey receives a request for help from an agent of North Korea Intelligence to help prove the dictator did not order a hit on a major Chinese official.

14 The Cabal The Cabal
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2010

A reporter has learned of a secret cabal comprised of powerful people from various governmental departments. After he tells a CIA agent who is McGarvey's son-in-law, both are attacked. Now McGarvey is determined to avenge them and learn the truth.

15 Abyss Abyss
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2011

While McGarvey is able to stop a hired killer from causing a meltdown at a nuclear power plant, this intervention sets off a chain of events that can cause global destruction as Big Oil seeks to maximize profits.

16 Castro's Daughter Castro's Daughter
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2012

As he nears death, Castro informs Cuban agent Maria Leon that she is really his daughter. He also passes on details for the finding of a lost treasure in gold but insists she contact Kirk McGarvey for help. Hunted by her fellow agents, she must find McGarvey and force him to help her.

17 Blood Pact Blood Pact
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2014

Kirk McGarvey is approached by a shadowy organization to work on their behalf in a race to find a long-lost treasure map that is sought by Spanish, Cuban, and Vatican government agents as well.

18 Retribution Retribution
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2015

Angered by the Seals' foray into their territory to take out Bin Ladin, people in the Pakistani government have hired German assassins to go after and kill all the men involved. Kirk McGarvey is determined to stop them.

19 The Fourth Horseman The Fourth Horseman
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2016

The man the CIA sent to help the Pakistani government during a spate of riots turns rogue and beheads their president while declaring himself the new Messiah. Kirk McGarvey is asked to set things right.
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20 End Game End Game
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2016

Someone is murdering people inside the CIA's Langley headquarters, killings done in a particularly gruesome manner. Kirk McGarvey is asked to help find who and why.
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21 Tower Down Tower Down
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2017

Another tall building in NYC is brought down through a terrorist's actions, this time a pencil tower called "The Eagle". Kirk McGarvey is convinced a power in the Saudi government was behind it and is determined to get justice.
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22 Flash Points Flash Points
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2018

A car bomb intended for Kirk McGarvey nearly succeeds. The same people behind the hit are also after the President and they are hire an accomplished killer to set up three terrorist attacks at "flash points" intending to create so much backlash that the Chief Executive will be forced from office.
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23 Face Off Face Off
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2018

Like in the days of the Cold War, Russia seems always at odds with the U.S, so the idea that Kirk McGarvey might be asked for help by that nation's President Putin, an ex-KGB man, is remarkable. But that is what happens when one of their nukes goes missing and the chance of a war between the two powers looks likely.
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24 First Kill First Kill
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2019

A prequel adventure detailing the first mission that Kirk McGarvey is given after joining the CIA in its black ops program. The task is to assassinate a Chilean general known as the Butcher of Valparaiso, someone who is responsible for the torture and death of over one thousand dissidents at a soccer stadium in Valparaiso.
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25 McGarvey McGarvey
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2020

When Kirk McGarvey looks into the deaths of his parents many years before, he finds evidence that points to Russia ... and Vladimir Putin. When McGarvey starts to make noise, Putin decides it is time to see to an end for McGarvey.
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26 Gambit Gambit
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2021

Both an American and a Russian billionaire wants Kirk McGarvey dead. They send a South African to do the job and he fails. They send a sniper from Canada and he fails. They send a team of trained Chinese killers and they fail. Now it is the turn of a squad of Russian former Spetsnaz operatives. McGarvey decides he must be proactive in his defense.
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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2001
Last Appearance:2016

1 Breaking Point Breaking Point
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2001

A pro-democracy activist has fled mainland China to Taiwan. Now the Chinese government is using his presence as a pretext to threaten invasion. Kirk McGarvey is asked to help get him out of Taiwan and bring him to the United States.

2 24 Hours 24 Hours
Written by David Hagberg
Copyright: 2016

The President's 17-year-old daughter is kidnapped from Georgetown University and the ransom demand is that the U.S. must start a ground war against Syria. Kirk McGarvey is asked to get her back.
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It is very easy to see why some critics dislike the McGarvey series. Anyone with a serious liberal attitude would view him as a Neanderthal as I mentioned above, pounding and threatening to get his way while showing the world the modern version of the Ugly American. That would be their viewpoint.

On the other hand, people like myself find in the McGarvey books a series that takes a dark view of the dangers this country faces and the type of men needed to keep those dangers from destroying the American way of life. To unpaid critics like me, and the huge throng of fans Mr. Hagberg has, the books are extremely enjoyable and, if they should turn out to not truly show the kind of men defending us, they certainly show what men we should want.

Thanks you, Mr. Hagberg. I like McGarvey, with all his rough edges.


My Grade: A


Savage10 - 4/22/2013 11:12:26 AM

The books are well written and I appreciate the personality of the character McGarvey. We "Neanderthals" have to stick together in this dangerous world.

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