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Full Name: Blaine McCracken
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jon Land
Time Span: 1986 - 2013


Blaine McCracken is an agent with the CIA.

He is called a rogue agent by most of his superiors and he doesn't try to argue the point. He is a rogue because he hates incompetence and inaction and many of his bosses would rather do nothing than do something wrong. He is a rogue because he will not wait for an order to do what is right but will just go do it. And he's had many years to perfect his act.

A member of the earliest Green Beret outfits, before, he says, they were called Special Forces, he served two long tours in Vietnam and Cambodia attached to a CIA group. Along with his friend, Johnny Wareagle, he harassed and targeted the enemy without mercy until that war was determined unwinnable.

After that he transferred to the CIA as an actual agent where his renegade style earned him both enemies and commendations. But the enemies spoke louder and when he talked out of turn during a botched hijacking in London, he was exiled to a mailroom in the Agency's Paris bureau. Actually, he got angry at the inaction which cost innocent lives and shot the genitals from a statue of Churchill in a major square, hoping to draw attention to the lack of balls. For this he earned the nickname of McCrackenballs and the demotion.

Eventually, though, enough problems came forth that cried for someone of McCracken's tenacity and he was back in action. But this time more than ever by his own rules.

And no matter who asked for his help, from the CIA to the military to the President to other countries, his demand remained the same. If his help was needed, it had to be done his way.


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:1986
Last Appearance:2013

1 The Omega Command The Omega Command
Written by Jon Land
Copyright: 1986

The reclusive billionaire was not content with running his many companies; he needed even more power and he had a plan for getting it. Investigating that plot had already cost one agent's life and McCracken was the next in line.
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2 The Alpha Deception The Alpha Deception
Written by Jon Land
Copyright: 1988

In Oregon, a small town in a remote section of the state is hit by a strange laser beam and all organic material, people, plants, everything, is instantly turned into black dust. McCracken, answering a plea for help from an old love, soon get involved in the case.
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3 The Gamma Option The Gamma Option
Written by Jon Land
Copyright: 1989

An Arab group wants McCracken's help to stop a faction inside Israel with a plan to kill millions of Arabs. When he sends them away, they force the issue by killing his friends and kidnapping the son he had just learned he had.

4 The Omicron Legion The Omicron Legion
Written by Jon Land
Copyright: 1991

A group of Japanese calling itself the Omicron Legion is out to exact revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki by economically and with a chemical devised in an American research facility in the Amazon.
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5 The Vengeance Of The Tau The Vengeance Of The Tau
Written by Jon Land
Copyright: 1993

A spate of assassinations around the world look to have different causes but the results are the same, someone is killing those in power at an alarming rate. McCracken didn't want involved but they forced the issue and now he's in it for good.
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6 Day Of The Delphi Day Of The Delphi
Written by Jon Land
Copyright: 1993

A right-wing billionaire wants more than just the Presidency and has the industrial clout to get it, even if it means destroying Washington itself. McCracken is asked by the President to see that doesn't happen.
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7 Kingdom Of The Seven Kingdom Of The Seven
Written by Jon Land
Copyright: 1994

Who wants the researchers who developed a vaccine against AIDS to die with their discovery? And who has made an entire town's population just vanish in mid-meal?
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8 Fires Of Midnight Fires Of Midnight
Written by Jon Land
Copyright: 1995

The only leads to who and what killed more than a thousand people lies with a group of cadavers and a young missing genius. McCracken is asked by an infectious disease expert to help find the killers before even more innocents die.
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9 Dead Simple Dead Simple
Written by Jon Land
Copyright: 1998

A crazed American terrorist has the means to launch a massive killing attack, a tanker full of a new powerful explosive. He has the target for the attack, the island of Manhattan. He also has McCracken on his trail.
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10 Pandora's Temple Pandora's Temple
Written by Jon Land
Copyright: 2012

Blaine McCracken and his colleague, Johnny Wareagle, are in search of a legendary temple which is said to house a supply of dark matter, a source of near-endless energy before a power-hungry magnate can get it but a plethora of killers stand in their way
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11 The Tenth Circle The Tenth Circle
Written by Jon Land
Copyright: 2013

Blaine McCracken goes up against a radical American preacher whose comments have caused inflamed anger all over the world. There is a group that is funding the Reverence for their own agenda but they will soon learn this man has his own unspoken aim and not a good one for peace.
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I have often wondered how many real Blaine McCracken's there are out there in the world, working on our behalf without us knowing it. Probably not enough.

Still, reading about this fictional one is good enough fun. I have grown to like and admire Mr. Land's other on-going series, the one about Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea, two exceptional detectives in Israel and Palestine, and the one about Caitlin Strong, a dynamite Texas Ranger, but I wish he would bring McCracken back now and again. Just to let me know he's still alive and kicking butt.

It has been over a decade since the last McCracken so I am not expecting any. Just wishing.

Of course, having said that, after so many years, Mr. Land decided to do just that. Probably not because I asked for it but more likely because a lot of other fans asked for it. Whatever the reason, I am glad he came back and I hope he stays for a while.


My Grade: A-


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