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Full Name: Steve Victor
Series Name: The Man From O.R.G.Y.
Nationality: American
Organization: O.R.G.Y.
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ted Mark
Time Span: 1965 - 1981


Steve Victor is a man who studies sex.

He studies it from all angles as well as upside-down and right-side-up. He not only studies it, he loves it and that makes his research even more fun. He is also the one-man organization known as O.R.G.Y.

O.R.G.Y. stands for, according to Victor, the Organization for the Rational Guidance of Youth. He named it that because having a name that correctly indicated the true purpose of studying sex would likely get too many doors shut in his face and to Victor, the open doors meant more chances for money and the real meaning of Obtaining Research Grants for Yours truly.

While Victor freely admits that he is working hard for grant money to continue his amazing life style, grants are not his only source of income for as he travels about the world, he also does odd jobs here and there for a 'most secret of American spy organizations'. This unnamed agency, which is definitely not the CIA, might send him to various action spots in the world but it is his lust that makes the spots get active.

At the height of the Bond craze, with Goldfinger having just been released and Thunderball in production, Lancer books began publishing a series of semi-spoofs of the Bond genre with an emphasis on the sex. The character would not just be a secret agent who loved sex, however, he would be an expert at love making who happened to be at times a secret agent.

The wildness of the sex and the unabashed audacity of the plots clicked with randy readers and the sub-genre of spy sex romps began. Even as the lasciviousness of the series was being decried from many directions, the concept was being rapidly copied by many others, most notably the Coxeman, and the Man From T.O.M.C.A.T.. Less well-known but still on the scene were the Lady from L.U.S.T., the Miss from S.I.S., the Man from S.A.D.I.S.T.O., the Man from P.A.N.S.Y., and the Girl from H.A.R.D. None enjoyed the success of the original, however.


Number of Books:15
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1981

1 The Man From O.R.G.Y. The Man From O.R.G.Y.
Written by Ted Mark
Copyright: 1965

While continuing his sex studies, Victor walks a path from Damascus through Baghdad and Calcutta to Tokyo and along the way gets involved with the theft of Soviet nuclear secrets by the Chinese and the downfall of Nikita Khrushchev.

2 The 9-Month Caper The 9-Month Caper
Written by Ted Mark
Copyright: 1965

In Miami, Victor is accosted, as only he can be, by a beauty who wants to know why he left Tokyo so quickly. The answer takes him into the Caribbean where he goes up against Castro on one hand and the entire Santo Domingo army on the other.

3 The Real Gone Girls The Real Gone Girls
Written by Ted Mark
Copyright: 1966

A rich man suddenly dies and leaves his vast fortune to the madam of his favorite establishment. When she also perishes and leaves her inheritance to her top three 'girls', someone steals the girls and Victor is assigned to recover them.

4 Dr. Nyet Dr. Nyet
Written by Ted Mark
Copyright: 1966

Victor is introduced to the dangers of S.M.U.T. (the Society for Moral Uplift Today) when his mission is to stop this nefarious organization whose mission is to conquer the world starting with an anti-pornography campaign (?).

5 My Son, The Double Agent My Son, The Double Agent
Written by Ted Mark
Copyright: 1966

Victor begins to wonder is he wasn't one of twins with the other half now causing trouble in his name. With all indications of an exact double taking his place, Victor must fight charges of working for O.R.G.Y. while also working for S.M.U.T.

6 A Hard Day's Knight A Hard Day's Knight
Written by Ted Mark
Copyright: 1966

The maker of a new mousetrap becomes angry when the patent office seems uninterested so he throws it into a lake and disappears. The alloy it was made from, however, is vital to the U.S. space program so Victor is dispatched to find it and him.

7 Room At The Topless Room At The Topless
Written by Ted Mark
Copyright: 1967

The impersonator who had caused so much trouble in the previous two missions was now dead and the mission given to the real Steve Victor was to pretend to be the fake Steve Victor to help mess up the works of the Soviet spy ring operating in the U.S.

8 Back Home At The O.R.G.Y. Back Home At The O.R.G.Y.
Written by Ted Mark
Copyright: 1968

An assignment takes Victor to the high country of Tibet where he meets the strange scientist who has a time machine Victor must check out. This means traveling back in time to frolic with the Queen of Sheba, among other exotic destinations.

9 Come Be My O.R.G.Y. Come Be My O.R.G.Y.
Written by Ted Mark
Copyright: 1968

The time machine problems from the last mission remain as Victor continues to bounce about in the past even as the scientist's little erotic daughter, Ti Nih Baapuh, is making time with Victor's agency boss.

10 Here's Your O.R.G.Y. Here's Your O.R.G.Y.
Written by Ted Mark
Copyright: 1969

The Toilet King of the U.S., who saved Victor's life in the previous adventure, needs his help in winning a Middle Eastern bathroom contract with Sheikh Ali Khat but it entails taking part in a crazy scavenger hunt.

11 Around The World Is Not A Trip Around The World Is Not A Trip
Written by Ted Mark
Copyright: 1973

On a cruise around the world, Victor comes into conflict with numerous beautiful, horny ladies who each want his attention but someone doesn't want Victor to finish the voyage, or the rest of the ship for that matter.

12 Dial O For O.R.G.Y. Dial O For O.R.G.Y.
Written by Ted Mark
Copyright: 1973

With gorgeous women like Randy Beaver and Phoebe Phreeby to distract him, it is hard for Victor to keep on the task of finding a crazed computer programmer with the power of chaos at his fingertips.

13 Beauty And The Bug Beauty And The Bug
Written by Ted Mark
Copyright: 1975

Shortly after Victor met the luscious Alicia, she was stolen from him by kidnappers. At first hesitant to pursue it, he is talked into it by her rich father resulting in his taking on the Lilluputian Liberation Army.

14 Thy Neighbor's O.R.G.Y. Thy Neighbor's O.R.G.Y.
Written by Ted Mark
Copyright: 1980

When a controversial sex researcher meets an unpleasant end, the blame falls on the sexy Stephanie Greenwillow who turns to her old friend, Steve Victor, for help in proving she didn't do the deed

15 The Tight End The Tight End
Written by Ted Mark
Copyright: 1981

Victor's sometime boss comes to him with a strange mission (aren't they all?) to help the pro football team Whittier Stonewalls finally win a game. While he can't understand why it is so important to the country, he is willing to teach them how to score.


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:1970
Last Appearance:1970

1 The Man From O.R.G.Y. The Man From O.R.G.Y.
Director: James Hill
Writer: Ted Mark
Actors: Robert Walker Jr. as Steve Victor, Slappy White as Vito, Lynne Carter as Madam, Mike Dailey as Lucky Pierre
Released: 1970

Taken from The Real Gone Girls. Steve Victor is sent on a mission to locate the three beautiful heiresses to a high class brothel. He has one clue and that is each has a tattoo of a hamster on one of their butt cheeks.


I can take a parody for a short while and a 'sex romp' as this series has been described more than once, for a bit as well. But the trouble with adventures like these is that that is all there is. Plot is gone. Story is forgotten. Character is absent. Just more and more of the same.

Still, of all the series out there from the 60's, Ted Mark was the best, the granddaddy of them all and he is worth a read or two. And it is important to remember that the mid 60's were considerably different from the mid 00's and a young man in his late teens would have had a totally different attitude than an old fart in his 50's.


My Grade: C-

Your Average Grade:   A+


smiteboy A+ 12/9/2013 1:08:27 AM

There were two additional Man From O.R.G.Y. books published in 1982: A Stroke of Genius and A Stroke of Lightning. These are both by Ted Mark and while they're rare, I have both of them.

Darrel A+ 3/20/2015 10:08:42 AM

Enjoyed what I read of these. The author had a knack for situation comedy if nothing else.

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