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Full Name: Tim O'Shane
Series Name: The Man From T.O.M.C.A.T.
Nationality: American
Organization: T.O.M.C.A.T.
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mallory T. Knight
Time Span: 1967 - 1971


Tim O'Shane is an agent for T.O.M.C.A.T.

He had been a Captain in the Marine Corps on special assignment to the Embassy in Paris in the fall of 1961 when an assignation with the beautiful wife of a French nobleman unearthed the theft of top secret NATO information. As a strange reward for his diligence, O'Shane was whisked away to an undisclosed location where he was told he had been commandeered to be an agent. He did not ask for it but he did not put up any struggle against it.

Tactical Operations Master Counterintelligence Assault Team - a multinational espionage and counterespionage organization, T.O.M.C.A.T is comprised of agents from most of the Western nations, all under the control of Colonel MacSwiver, an eighty-one year old Scottish rake and lecher who was also one of Britain's greatest living spies.

As an agent, O'Shane had training in numerous languages, all reasonable fighting methods, and every other type of spycraft the organization could think of. Within a year, O'Shane was as ready as anyone could be to enter the shadowing world of cloak and daggers.

The T.O.M.C.A.T. series, brought by the same people who were already giving the world Nick Carter, Killmaster, is an odd mixture sure to confuse most readers. The name of the series and, more specifically, the names of the books would lead one to expect non-stop sex. Certainly the books do not fail to deliver.

They also, however, deliver spy stories that are actually about spying. Perhaps not a lot and certainly never at the risk of interfering with the prurient aspects but they are still there. Frankly, I was amazed.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1971

1 The Dozen Deadly Dragons Of Joy The Dozen Deadly Dragons Of Joy
Written by Mallory T. Knight
Copyright: 1967

O'Shane must take on the evil Red Chinese super-spy, Alexander Graham Wang, and his twelve brain-washed beauties who were infected with a sterilizing virus and set to infect the leaders of the Western world.

2 The Million Missing Maidens The Million Missing Maidens
Written by Mallory T. Knight
Copyright: 1967

A strange and ominous cult, Systemology, was gaining in popularity. Lead by the arch-fiend, Merdalor and seconded by the luscious Gisela Vultch, it somehow behind the disappearance of a large number of virgins, which O'Shane had to find.

3 The Terrible Ten The Terrible Ten
Written by Mallory T. Knight
Copyright: 1967

Taking on the beautiful girl from CROTCH is just one of the tasks O'Shane is faced when as he fights a group of high-level criminals who call themselves the Terrible Ten, a feat made harder by an order to not destroy them.

4 The Dirty Rotten Depriving Ray The Dirty Rotten Depriving Ray
Written by Mallory T. Knight
Copyright: 1967

Wang is back with another mission for his Chinese organization, known as MOM-ZA. In the chilly island nation of Iceland, Wang is perfecting an evil beam that deprives men of the ability to make love while still leaving the desire.

5 Tsimmis In Tangier Tsimmis In Tangier
Written by Mallory T. Knight
Copyright: 1968

DRECK was a compound made from seawater thatit made its victims into the wildest of sex-driven creatures whose desires were incapable of being satisfied, even to the point of utter exhaustion and death. Merdalor, O'Shane's old enemy, had the formula.

6 The Malignant Metaphysical Menace The Malignant Metaphysical Menace
Written by Mallory T. Knight
Copyright: 1968

Even though she was 'an adorable little bundle of dimpled femininity', Corky Lovemore was also a woman with the means of turning mankind into mutated puppets at her command unless O'Shane could find the way to stop her and save the species.

7 The Ominous Orgy The Ominous Orgy
Written by Mallory T. Knight
Copyright: 1969

With agents against him like Joy Dolphin, Penelope Box, and Nooky de Luecks, O'Shane was going to have a lot of trouble fighting a female billionaire with her own plan for taking over the world, one nudist at a time.

8 The Peking Pornographer The Peking Pornographer
Written by Mallory T. Knight
Copyright: 1969

The evil spymaster Wang was back for another attempt to bring the world to its knees, this time through a plot to neuter all the males except those he alone spared. The first task, though, was to neutralize O'Shane.

9 The Bra-Burner's Brigade The Bra-Burner's Brigade
Written by Mallory T. Knight
Copyright: 1971

The sudden disappearance of numerous key leaders from all the major powers of the world has each nation blaming the others and the whole planet ready for war unless O'Shane can track down the all-female rock band that seems behind the crisis.


Okay! Do I say I liked this series and risk condemnation or do I say I hated it and risk being untruthful? Well, it is a bit of both, actually. The whole notion of sexcapades masquerading as spy novels gets tiresome after a while but of all the silly ones that cropped up during the mid and late 60's, like O.R.G.Y. and Coxeman, this one is probably the least offensive.

It has mildly good plots (outlandish, of course, but still good) and scads and scads of unclad woman, which is never a bad thing. It goes silly quite often but it seldom goes over the top as most of the others did on a routine basis. I applaud the author on his craft.


My Grade: C+


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