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Full Name: Wallace Mahoney
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Sean Flannery
Time Span: 1979 - 1989


       Wallace Mahoney is an agent for the CIA.
       He is, in fact, very much a veteran CIA agent, trained in all form of spy craft, years and years of thankless service, a very solid reputation for getting the job done, the ability to work well with others, both in the Agency and with outsiders.
       At the beginning of the series, Mahoney, at 61 years old, is happily married to Marge and has been for 39 of those years. with two grown sons, grandchildren, and retirement on the horizon. He knows he has many flaws such as drinking more than he should, smoking cigars when they are bad for him, although he does take pleasure in knowing they are at least Cuban, not as much exercise as he really should, and not being able to handle stupid people well. But in quiet analysis, he is pleased with his life.
       As the series proceeds, life will deal him a harsher hand as it does all eventually but through it all Mahoney's honesty and sense of justice never falter. Despair will understandably set in but he never gives up nor does he become bitter.
       Through the five books, Mahoney remains what his wife called him on more than one occasion, a romantic. He is a man who feels that wrongs should be righted, that people should be treated fairly, and that his country was worth the sacrifices he and his colleagues make.
       One interesting development that sets this series apart from most is the role his son John will play in the latter books. This is one of the few series where family plays an important role in the spycraft itself.


       If you read my reviews of the Bill Lane and the Kirk McGarvey series, you will see that I am a fan of Sean Flannery, or more properly, David Hagberg. His pacing is tremendous, his action superb, his spycraft top-notch.
       He got that way through working hard and this series demonstrates his progress. These stories are darn good ones making it easy to see how he got as good as he is. They are not at the level of Lane or McGarvey adventures but they are still good enough to be read on their own merit.
       It is a compliment to be called good when there are so many fair to poor out there.
       Once again, Mr. Hagberg, thank you.


My Grade: A-


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