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Full Name: Briggs O'Meara
Series Name: The Magic Man
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: David Bannerman
Time Span: 1983 - 1985


Briggs O'Meara is an agent with the British Secret Service.

Although he had been born in Ireland, more specifically in County Cork, his first memories were that of his life in Soho. Orphaned at an early age when his mother was killed by the Soviet NKVD in anger over something she was involved in, he had no living relatives. The only family he ever knew were the aging Russian émigrés.

Even though his heritage was Irish and his upbringing was in England, the old people who raised him, led by a Russian named Oumi Pavlacek, trained him in the craft of the underground. They taught him to fight, to use codes, to be able to blend in. They taught him to speak and think as a Russian, the better to fight the Communist dictators.

Working with them in their fight against their oppressors so far from home, he learned to kill the enemy. The first death came when Briggs was but a teenager. It was followed by many more over the next few years until the British authorities finally decide to step in and stop the foreign war on their soil.

Fleeing a criminal arrest, Briggs knows he has to leave his 'family'. His natural acting talents and his personal drive took him to the U.S. where he, knowing capture could come at any moment, roams about doing all sort of work and faking all sorts of identities. Eventually his natural talent for acting takes him to Hollywood where success seems quite probably but for the realization that becoming too popular would be deadly. Fifteen years of living on the edge has taken their toll.

It is in Hollywood that he is found when the needs of the British Secret Service demanded.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1983
Last Appearance:1985

1 Magic Man Magic Man
Written by David Bannerman
Copyright: 1983

Lydia Savin was the daughter of Leonid Brezhnev, leader of the Soviet Union, through a union with his mistress. With her identity kept a severe secret, she had spent most of her life in anonymity. Now that her true parentage is ready to come out, the danger to the British government becomes evident.

2 The Gamov Factor The Gamov Factor
Written by David Bannerman
Copyright: 1983

With Brezhnev nearing death, it is commonly felt that his successor will be Andropov, head of the KGB and the second most powerful man in the Soviet Union. While the KGB is a greatly feared organization, the intelligence and level-headedness of Andropov makes the West feel calm in the face of the upcoming succession.

3 Pipeline From Hell Pipeline From Hell
Written by David Bannerman
Copyright: 1984

On the death of his adopted father, Briggs O'Meara breaks the orders of his new boss and flies to London for the funeral. Once there, he learns that the death had not been of natural causes but murder, revenge by the KGB. Briggs gets a chance at revenge with an assignment to gather intelligence on the new Trans-Siberian Pipeline under construction.

4 Call Of Honor Call Of Honor
Written by David Bannerman
Copyright: 1985

The Japanese billionaire, Taranaga, has held a hatred for the West since the end of WWII. He holds a secret that could create a huge schism between the West and his nation, a secret buried on the island on which he served during the war and which he bought years later. FYI, at the end of the third book, there is an excerpt from a fourth book called Death Island. That book is this one, renamed.


This was a hard series to get into but well worth it at the end. The first book was too rough, the character too many things too fast. By the end of the second book, however, he was growing on me.

The third book might have stretched credibility a bit but it was fun to read. The final book was terrific and left me sad that there wasn't any more to come.

The author, David Bannerman, is a pseudonym for the awesome spy-fiction author, David Hagberg, who got his start writing many Nick Carter books. I get the impression that Mr. Hagberg was testing the waters with this series. It would be several years after the last Magic Man book that he would come out with the great Kirk McGarvey series.


My Grade: C


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