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Full Name: George Mado
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Warren Tute
Time Span: 1969 - 1977


George Mado is an agent with the British Secret Service.

Mado is described often as a hard-drinking, womanizing, expendable spy, and he does his best to live down to that description. He is also damned good, which makes him annoying to those who need him and don't want him.

Despite his years and his obvious love of hard spirits, there is still something in his eyes and in the way he watches people that seem to attract the ladies, who sense a bit of danger in him, and warns off would-be troublemakers, who sense he would not back down.

He had been an agent for a considerable number of years, enough to have caused his first marriage to go bust and it has alienated him from his son, a man now grown. Then while on a mission in Czechoslovakia he is betrayed by someone at headquarters and he is caught and imprisoned. Though he is exchanged for another spy, Mado is blown and his time with the Service is over. As the series starts, Mado is earning a living travelling the world selling books.

It is not long, though, before his skills are needed and he is brought back into the fold, especially after he discovers the truth of his betrayal and settles matters his own way.

This series was originally referred to as the "Tarnham secret-service thrillers" as they tend to revolve around Elissa Tarnham, wife of a notorious British Intelligence defector to the Soviets. In fact, you will not find mention of Mado in the first book at all. But once he makes his appearance, he stays the focus. Since the Tarnhams play important roles in the books that Mado is in, and because most lists of the series include the first book, I have done the same. It really should be read to give better understanding to the other stories.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:1969
Last Appearance:1977

1 A Matter Of Diplomacy A Matter Of Diplomacy
Written by Warren Tute
Copyright: 1969

Her husband was one of Britain's most infamous defectors to the Soviet Union. When she left the country for Greece, her motives were unknown. That didn't make the Intelligence community happy.

2 The Powder Train The Powder Train
Written by Warren Tute
Copyright: 1970

There is a little black book that holds the name of the man who betrayed him and cost him his career. Ex-agent George Mado is determined to find it and prove his innocence.

3 The Tarnham Connection The Tarnham Connection
Written by Warren Tute
Copyright: 1971

George Mado is willing to risk everything to find out who the double agent in the Intelligence Service is, his journey taking him to Prague and Bucharest.

4 The Resident The Resident
Written by Warren Tute
Copyright: 1973

Though he was now retired, George Mado is asked to perform one more small service: escort a defecting scientist from Greece to the U.K. Of course, the KGB would rather he didn't.

5 Next Saturday In Milan Next Saturday In Milan
Written by Warren Tute
Copyright: 1975

The Mafia and a known terrorist organization is up to something in Italy. George Mado, still considered totally expendable, is sent to find out what is up.

6 The Cairo Sleeper The Cairo Sleeper
Written by Warren Tute
Copyright: 1977

Though he had officially left the Service, George Mado agrees to head to the Middle East on behalf of a friend to keep an eye on a Beiruti banker, who is also being watched by the KGB.


This guy can write! The characters come alive in just a few short sentences, becoming people you feel you've known for years. The action is fast and believable. The settings are well described and interesting.

He does throw a fair number of people into the mix so you should pay attention as there is no scorecard. And watch out for "throw-away lines" that can really mean something later.

Mado is a very interesting character. I truly don't know if I like him or not. I respect the daylights out of him regardless.


My Grade: A-


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