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Full Name: Jared Kimberlain
Codename: Ferryman
Nationality: American
Organization: The Caretakers
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jon Land
Time Span: 1989 - 1991


Jared Kimberlain is an agent for the Caretakers.

When he was first approached by a representative of The Caretakers, Kimberlain was sitting in a military stockade awaiting a prison sentence of 20 years. What his crime was did not get mentioned but what was said was an offer to clean his record in exchange for three years of service with that organization.

The Caretakers was a secret government agency created to take care of situations both foreign and domestic that threatened the security of the country. Their methods were harsh. Their visibility was non-existent. No one was to know who fixed things and no one got any thanks. The agents for The Caretakers served three years, period. No ranks, no promotions. Serve the three and get out, with enough money to be set for life.

Kimberlain agreed and did his time. The two-book series about him comes several years after his "tour" was over. Having done his three years, proving many times how resourceful and how deadly he was, he was given his freedom and a substantial amount of money which he used to buy a cabin in the mountains, far from anyone and equipped with enough security to let him know of any intruder long before they got to his home.

A big man, Kimberlain looks strong enough to tear a person apart with his bare hands. His face, however, was soft looking, as though he would never hurt anyone. His thick black hair showed no sign of loss despite his not being young anymore. The most captivating feature of his looks was his eyes, "crystal blue and piercing" which seemed to look deep into you.

With his service done, he should not have seen any of the Caretakers again as per the agreement but two years later his boss, a man named Kamanski, codenamed Hermes, came to ask for one last mission, which he did. Now three years later, Hermes is again visiting the Ferryman, as Kimberlain is known to the organization, after the boatman on the River Styx.

But working for the Caretakers is not something that Kimberlain is anxious to do. The things that he was assigned during his three years still haunt him and drive him to spend his time, when not restoring antique weapons for a hobby, helping those who have been wronged and who have no other recourse. His methods are not quite legal and the information that the Caretakers have amassed on his activities could put him away again. They don't because they know they might need him.

As the series starts, they do need him.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1989
Last Appearance:1991

1 The Eighth Trumpet The Eighth Trumpet
Written by Jon Land
Copyright: 1989

Leading industrialists are being killed by a vicious maniac out for revenge, or perhaps someone with a wholy different agenda. Jared Kimberlain is brought in to stop the killer before he can unleash a weapon that could kill millions.

2 The Ninth Dominion The Ninth Dominion
Written by Jon Land
Copyright: 1991

The most secure facility for holding insane killers has been breached and 86 of the worst offenders are missing. The man behind the escape is determined to end every life in the U.S. and he now has the manpower to pull it off.


By the time the second book was finished, I wanted more of Kimberlain. That is a good sign for a series. Always leave 'em wanting more. Mr. Land did this with Kimberlain.

The character is not a man to tick off. His fuse isn't short but it is not that long, either, and when the explosion happens, the bad guys pay a stiff price. The villains in this series are really interesting and unique and well worth the time spent seeing how they do their bad deeds and how Kimberlain hunts them down and makes them pay.

Mr. Land has moved on to other heroes, most notably the terrific Blaine McCracken and the fantastic duet of Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea.

He has not written a bad book yet and I think I've read them all.


My Grade: B+


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