Killinger1 Killinger2
Full Name: Jed Killinger
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Insurance Investigator

Creator: P. K. Palmer
Time Span: 1974 - 1974


Killinger is a maritime insurance adjustor

This means that his job is to not only find out what happened to ships and such at sea but also what the ramifications are. Succinctly, how much to fix it. The role of adjustor, according to the first book, requires impeccable character, immense knowledge of all aspects of seafaring and oceanography, and considerable expertise in International Law. Killinger is considered one of the best, often in demand, and always willing to help for fees which are, according to him, 'never reasonable'.

Killinger is also a 6th degree Black Belt in karate who lives aboard a large boat with his two Hungarian pointers named Copper and Auric. Though he is 41 years old, he looks at least 5 years younger and his well-honed body 10 years younger still. Furthermore, inside that physique is a mind that is quite capable of seeing beyond the mysteries and the lies.

Killinger is helped in his business by Kimo, a Japanese-American born and raised in Idaho and now learning marine business with Killinger as well as studying the martial arts. Young and inexperience, Kimo nevertheless show potential and Killinger likes teaching him.

The money that Killinger makes is considerable and he loves to spend a portion on items to improve his boat home, including a fair number of erotic pieces which are as antique and exquisite as they are interesting.

When it comes to action, he does not particularly like violence but has no qualms about facing it. With his skills and his experience, he can handle his own in most situations and in the others, his brain can usually come up with something.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1974
Last Appearance:1974

1 The Turquoise / Yellow Case The Turquoise / Yellow Case
aka Killinger
Written by P. K. Palmer
Copyright: 1974

Though the accident put the wealthy owner into the hospital, the damage to the sailing yacht in the collision with a barge was not very much. It was an easy job since it was tied up next to Killinger's boat in the harbor. But the tragic mishap attracts bigwigs from Singapore, India, and Brazil, all anxious to make Killinger's job quite difficult.

2 The Rainbow / Seagreen Case The Rainbow / Seagreen Case
Written by P. K. Palmer
Copyright: 1974

The crash of the plane in the Pacific didn't make much news for it was a cargo plane and there was only a few lives lost. But there was something fishy in the disaster to warrant the CIA wanting answers so they asked Killinger to get involved. He was not alone in his investigations, however, as the Soviets, the Chinese, and the Brits are all also determined to get the truth first and only.


I really was not that impressed with either the character of Jed Killinger or with the writing style. The former was far too one-dimensional and the latter was much too flat. That is a shame since the idea of a maritime investigator getting intricately involved in foreign intrigue is a subject matter in which Clive Cussler and Randy Wayne White certainly did well. This one, however, didn't make the grade.

Not that they are bad reads. They just don't have much to keep you from setting the book down or to make you pick it back up again later.


My Grade: C-


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