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Full Name: Nolan Kilkenny
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Adventurer

Creator: Tom Grace
Time Span: 1998 - 2017


Nolan Kilkenny is an independent contractor with the US Navy.

Just that position would not qualify him for membership here but considering the sort of missions he gets involved in, he belongs.

A 6' tall, skinny man who, on his first day of SEAL training, was expected to bust out within a week, Kilkenny not only did not quit, he excelled and went on in his career to gather a few promotions and a fair share of medals. When he finally had had enough, he resigned his commission to join his father in a computer company, making use of his keen intellect and hi-tech knowledge.

He definitely did not quit his love of adventure nor the way that fate seemed to keep him fully into it. If his skill and experience as a SEAL wasn't a reason to be picked for a job, his great computer understanding was. Together he was often in demand.

With his light skin, freckled complexion and flaming red hair, typically worn a bit long and unruly, and his emerald green eyes, there would be little doubt of his Irish ancestry even without knowing his name.

Kilkenny had attended the Naval Academy but when he graduated, he postponed his required service to get a graduate degree at MIT. When he finished that, it had been expected that he use his considerable skills in the Navy's computer section but instead, having earned many medals in swimming and loving the water, he chose a far more strenuous line and joined the SEALs.

As a contractor, Kilkenny is pulled in for a variety of problems, especially considering that his expertise lay in both combat and computer fields. When he gets involved, it often brings danger that he does not want but which he does not avoid.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:1998
Last Appearance:2017

1 Spyder Web Spyder Web
Written by Tom Grace
Copyright: 1998

Spyder is a computer program able to infiltrate any network. Through it disinformation can be planted or real information pulled. Someone is using it as a weapon and getting more and more ambitious. Nolan Kilkenny is out to stop them.

2 Quantum Web Quantum Web
aka Quantum
Written by Tom Grace
Copyright: 2000

In 1948 a German scientist came upon a breakthrough in quantum physics far beyond anything yet dreamed of. Then he disappeared without a trace. Now it seems that information has been rediscovered and both Americans and Russians are racing to get it.

3 Twisted Web Twisted Web
Written by Tom Grace
Copyright: 2003

Deep beneath the ice in Antartica is a lake and in it is something alive that could change the world. Nolan Kilkenny is part of a team to get to it but there are others who want there first and are ready to kill to do it.

4 Bird Of Prey Bird Of Prey
Written by Tom Grace
Copyright: 2004

A stealth killer satellite is on the prowle in space, destroying other satellites and crippling communications. Next on its list of targets is the Space Station. One of the astronauts there is Nolan Kilkenny's fiance.

5 The Secret Cardinal The Secret Cardinal
Written by Tom Grace
Copyright: 2007

Reeling from the death of his wife and unborn child, Nolan Kilkenny accepts an invitation to work with the Vatican on their library. In Rome, he is asked by the Pope to devise a way to free a political prisoner in China, a man made a cardinal in secret two decades before.

6 Undeniable Undeniable
Written by Tom Grace
Copyright: 2017

When Nolan Kilkenny receives a plea to help save the life of a dying boy through surgery, he accepts even though he has never met the family before. When the boy dies before the surgery can be completed, Kilkenny is stunned to learn that he and the boy have the same biological father. Trying to discover more will open a door to a horrible blackmail scheme and great danger.
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I liked Kilkenny and his adventures. I knew they were over-the-top in action and needed a degree of suspension of disbelief but I still liked them. Kilkenny is a good-hearted guy who really would prefer to not be harassed but won't back down, either.

Then Mr. Grace took the character in a direction I felt he should not have (but what do I know) and I lost interest. That was a shame, too, I liked him.

And I haven't given up on Kilkenny or Mr. Grace. I want to make that plain. If Kilkenny has another adventure, I'll read it. I guess that is the best compliment you can pay an author.


My Grade: B


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