Intersect1 Intersect2
Full Name: Intersect
Series Name: Intersect
Nationality: International
Organization: Intersect
Occupation Agency

Creator: John Cannon
Time Span: 1980 - 1980


Intersect is a security corporation.

The idea of a corporation specializing in protection is by no means unique. There have been in life and in fiction many companies who provide bodyguard services to the rich and famous. The organization described in this two-book series does, however, have a specialty that gives it an entry in this compendium.

International Security Systems, Inc., or Intersect as it is commonly known, exists as a deterrent and a guard against the destructive forces of terrorism around the world. Its clients include many world governments, international corporations, and world-travelers leery of the rising specter of the fanatic killer with a cause. It has earned the hard way the intimidating reputation it has among the various organizations that might have to combat it.

Founded by Ronald Vickers, a former U.S. Ranger and member of the OSS during WWII, a man who has fought some of the worst that world had thus far seen, it has its offices in a small, one-story building on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, D.C. from where it conducts its singular mission: the 'frustration and eradication of terrorists'. Vickers is the man who decides which of the many job offers that come in his company will take, and he is the one to pick the hefty fee to be charged. Vickers' team is effective but it isn't cheap.

To accomplish its mission, it has the services of a large group of dedicated men and women but at the core of the operations, ready for the worst assignments, in a six-man paramilitary group comprised of the elite from England, America, Germany, Israel, France, and Italy. It is this force that is used in the two adventures chronicled. The major of each book is devoted to their military operations.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1980
Last Appearance:1980

1 Web Of Terror Web Of Terror
Written by John Cannon
Copyright: 1980

Leaders of five of the worst terrorist groups around the world have banded together to strike with unbelievable vehemence at targets all over the globe. Intersect is hired to find out what their real goal is and to stop them from achieving it.

2 Death Cruise Death Cruise
Written by John Cannon
Copyright: 1980

The hijacking of the cruise ship Crystal Belle by terrorists of the Black September group results in a demand for $5,000,000 ransom. Intersect is hired to pay the ransom and ensure the safety of the passengers but the intent of the terrorists to destroy the ship regardless has complicated matters.


This action-adventure series suffers from too little plot and far too little character development. Cardboard cutouts of both the good guys and bad guys make the missions ones whose outcomes are of little or no interest. You want to root for the hero but you never know the hero enough to root for anything.

They do, however, get a bit of extra credit by having as a plot line the hijacking for ransom by Arab terrorists of a cruise ship, five years before Abu Abbas and his PLF thugs took over the Achille Lauro in Egyptian waters in 1985.


My Grade: C-


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