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Full Name: Mark Holland
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Paul Myers
Time Span: 1985 - 1989


Mark Holland is an agent with British Intelligence.

For more years than he cared to remember, actually close to two decades, Holland worked for the "Department", an unnamed arm of the British Intelligence community. While there, he performed the normal duties of a well-trained operative. Some people he tried to bring into the country while some he tried to keep out. All the time working there, he had to deal with a superior named Willis who disgusted him.

Finally he had had enough of that life. He left. He was given a very good separation package and help in the papers to start a new life in Geneva but he was told that "no one ever really quits the Department." He intended to be the first.

Needing a new career, he took up his greatest passion, music. While neither a musician nor a composer, he knew enough about both, not to mention a good understanding of the business end so he was able to start a business representing musical artists. His new life was to help them arrange their concerts, contracts, and often their lives. He proved to be very, very good at it and he loved it.

Both financially and personally it was quite profitable and, as the series begins, he has been doing it for seven years. Seven years without every hearing the odious voice of Willis telling him about another assignment where he would have to put his own life at risk or possibly see to the end of someone else's. Then his former life came calling again and Willis reminds him of the truth of his profession and Holland is again dodging bullets and bombs, this time while juggling show dates.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:1985
Last Appearance:1989

1 Deadly Variations Deadly Variations
Written by Paul Myers
Copyright: 1985

A scientist that Mark Holland had helped smuggle from East Germany years before, now working to a Swiss pharmecutical company, has developed a virus capable of destroying huge areas of vegetation.

2 Deadly Cadenza Deadly Cadenza
Written by Paul Myers
Copyright: 1986

The young violin virtuoso was cocky and loud and prone to antagonize people but that doesn't explain why someone shot him between the eyes. Or why people then show up demanding a piece of his action, whatever that was. Mark Holland is curious.

3 Deadly Aria Deadly Aria
Written by Paul Myers
Copyright: 1987

Years ago Mark Holland had almost convinced a Russian to defect but things go horribly wrong. Now someone is wanting revenge against Holland for long ago action.

4 Deadly Sonata Deadly Sonata
Written by Paul Myers
Copyright: 1987

Mark Holland managed to get permission to bring a noted Soviet pianist on a European tour but someone wants the tour to end, with prejudice, and isn't giving up.

5 Deadly Score Deadly Score
Written by Paul Myers
Copyright: 1988

An embarrasing secret that Mark Holland had learned but kept to himself years before about the deceased head of the Department has now come back to more than haunt him as someone doesn't like him knowing it.

6 Deadly Crescendo Deadly Crescendo
Written by Paul Myers
Copyright: 1989

Mark Holland was really trying to leave his former profession behind him when he was told that one of the opera members he was representing was involved in smuggling NATO documents.


The adventures of Holland present a pretty good mixture of murder mystery and espionage work, told against a background that is interesting and different. It is obvious that Mr. Myers has a deep understanding of the music world and he passes that knowledge to the reader in an easy to understand and enjoy fashion.

He also has a good grasp of the espionage world and bringing the two together. It is interesting to watch an old hand like Holland mad because his hands are shaking after a near miss. Holland is a good agent - just not a perfect one and that makes him very enjoyable.


My Grade: B


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