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Full Name: David Hill
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Adventurer

Creator: Bill Adkins
Time Span: 1976 - 1976


David Hill is an adventurer.

He is not a spy. He probably doesn't really belong in this compendium at all, although I have seen other list him as such. Hill is a man who craves excitement and is too willing to accept it for his own good. He is also a wanted man in Mexico who remains in Mexico because he owes the Syndicate and they want him there.

At the beginning of the series, Hill was the owner of a very successful management consultancy in San Francisco. He had plenty of money to do as he wanted and he wanted to fly. His plane, a Cessna 310, was his pride and joy and he went everywhere with it. The hours behind a desk were more than compensated by the hours in the air.

One of those places that he took was a quick trip to Mexico at the urging of a close Mexican friend. Pop down below the border, pick up a load of marijuana, and bring it back for a lot of money. Simple. Except for the Mexican authorities and arrest and conviction and incarceration in a very unpleasant prison. The Syndicate broke him out but now they feel they own him.

So he is forced to remain in Mexico and live under the alias of David Collado. His hair is dyed black and a mustache grown to better appear Latino to make this 40-years old fugitive appear to be a Mexican citizen.

The three-book series consist of three different adventures Hill has with his plane and his friend Vasquez. Each is really a heist but what makes the series interesting is the cat-and-mouse game Hill must play twice; once with the Syndicate who want his involvement to be more than he is willing, and second with the American authorities who would love to pin something on him for their own plans.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1976
Last Appearance:1976

1 Prison At Obregon Prison At Obregon
Written by Bill Adkins
Copyright: 1976

David Hill is bored and ready for adventure. The one that his friend Vasquez presents is illegal but exciting so he goes for it. It will change his life.

2 The Rivera Collection The Rivera Collection
Written by Bill Adkins
Copyright: 1976

Enchanted by the beautiful Carmelita, David Hill agrees to take part in an impossible robbery of priceless paintings and to fly them to another country. An old nemesis is waiting for him to try.

3 The Entry From San Sebastian The Entry From San Sebastian
Written by Bill Adkins
Copyright: 1976

The luscious Elenita is as good a jockey as she is beautiful and she is really quite beautiful. She wants just one little thing from David Hill and that is a fantastic horse to ride in a famous race. The problem is the horse belongs to someone else but Hill thinks there is a way.


I took this series out of the list and put it back in several times. If someone were to complain, I'd likely take it out again until someone asked why not it and I'd put it back in. Hill is not a spy and does not do spy-related activities. He is not really involved in international intrigue. He is an adventurer who crosses borders in his adventures.

It doesn't really fit but it is close.

It is also a fun series. Fairly standard adventures but enough light-hearted banter and beautiful women to make it enjoyable. Very light reading for a rainy afternoon.


My Grade: C+


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