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Full Name: Andrea Hendricks
Nationality: Russian
Organization: KGB
Occupation Agent

Creator: Arnaldo Hernandez
Time Span: 1988 - 1989


Andrea Hendricks is an agent with the KGB.

This three-book series is about the short career of a Soviet infiltrator, a beautiful woman trained for years to think and act like an American so there is no chance of slip-ups when sent into the field. What no one could predict, however, is the effect that falling in love with the enemy can have on the agent's actions.

At a very young age, the girl who would become Andrea Hendricks was placed in the training facility outside Moscow known as Little America. There she was given constant practice living and thinking like an American, all the while being indoctrinated in Soviet thought. She had very few friends, so no real ties, and nothing that would make her pine for the Motherland. The system worked too well, though. When she went on station and met a man with whom she fell in love, she had nothing to hold her to her old life.

Except the fellow agents who soon wanted her dead.

Playing a major co-starring role in the series is Greg Elliot, a brilliant computer programmer who had made a lot of money in a Silicon Valley startup that he had helped become a darling of Wall Street. Cashing out much of his stock, he purchased a beautiful home in the Valley and seemed set for life until that company went bankrupt and Elliot went back to work.

Elliot, still a fairly young man and considered good looking, is the target of Hendricks in the first adventure and the man she fell so deeply for. The feelings were reciprocated by this genius who was marked by the KGB as the leader in new cipher technologies that could make the American communication impenetrable.

Get to Elliot to get to the code was Hendricks' orders. The trouble was they got to each other and both will pay the price as the KGB and the CIA each want to use them in their constant fight.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1988
Last Appearance:1989

1 Blind Conspiracy Blind Conspiracy
Written by Arnaldo Hernandez
Copyright: 1988

Andrea Hendricks' first assignment is to become close to a genius computer programmer and steer his career to the ultra-secret facility in Silicon Valley known as Blue Cube.

2 The Moscow Sacrament The Moscow Sacrament
Written by Arnaldo Hernandez
Copyright: 1988

Three years of reindoctrination has passed and Andrea Hendricks is again ready for assignment, this time working with the KGB's most deadly assassin. Her American husband has other plans, though.

3 The Final Covenant The Final Covenant
Written by Arnaldo Hernandez
Copyright: 1989

The CIA wants information about a KGB defector and they believe Andrea Hendricks has it so they are twisting her life and that of her husband. And the KGB is not idle, either, sending several teams of killers in to eliminate everyone.


This is a fascinating series, made more so by the fact that is was written by a Cuban exile. This makes the feelings that the main character has about being in a strange land and really being unable to return home all the more compelling and real.

Add to that the fact that the two main people, Hendricks and Elliot, are both good people fighting in a very dirty covert war, and you have a darn good adventure. There isn't any dilemma as to which side to root for because you never want Hendricks to go back to the KGB but you want her to succeed nevertheless because you really like her.


My Grade: B


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