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Full Name: Harrigan and Hoeffler
Nationality: American
Organization: The THREE
Occupation Agent

Creator: Patrick O'Malley
Time Span: 1961 - 1965


Harrigan and Hoeffler are agents for the THREE.

In 1953, a meeting in Washington between three high-level government figures and three extremely powerful men of finance. They met to discuss a growing problem with security in the nation, namely that as good a job as the various Intelligence agencies were doing, they were hampered by the fact that they were known. Created then was a small anonymous agency, funded through the financiers, known as the THREE, so government auditors never got wind of it. The agency would be comprised of a small cadre of highly trained, and highly paid, operatives who worked in secret. They would go in quietly, do their job, and get out unseen. Loose ends could be tied up by the known Agencies who would get the credit

Thousands of potential agents were considered. Potentials had to be unknown to the community. They had to be able to think independantly and quickly. Misfits was the term the head of the organization, known as the Old Man, considered. The list was culled to hundreds, and then down to less than a score. Finally, two men were chosen, Harrigan and Hoeffler.

These two men had known each other since grade school. Now 33 years old, they had tried, succeeded, and then grew bored with a variety of careers. Both excellent sportsmen, they had served in the military for a time and then numerous businesses. An art gallery, an electronics firm, selling used cars, running a ski lift, ranching in Arizona, and so on. Get in on something new, work a year at it, and then move to something else.

After agreeing to work for the Organization, they were trained in every field they might possibly have to work with: guns, knives, gadgets, explosives, codes. In all matters they excelled. And were bored. Action was their goal and they got it.

Throughout all their escapades, though, I never found out their first names. Perhaps they never had them. That would be just like them!


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:1961
Last Appearance:1965

1 The Affair Of The Red Mosaic The Affair Of The Red Mosaic
Written by Patrick O'Malley
Copyright: 1961

The Soviets had had a spy operation in the Los Alamos region for some time but since each agent was known, it wasn't a big deal. Now they are being replaced and Harrigan and Hoeffler are sent to find out why.

2 The Affair Of Swan Lake The Affair Of Swan Lake
Written by Patrick O'Malley
Copyright: 1962

Harrigan and Hoeffler pose as movie director and producer on a mission to Minnesota where someone has a plan to cripple all the U.S. guided missile defenses.

3 The Affair Of Jolie Madame The Affair Of Jolie Madame
Written by Patrick O'Malley
Copyright: 1964

A noted computer scientist, fresh from a major breakthrough in memory bank technology, has vanished and the only clue is the beautiful and mysterious Bjirk Bjork who might reveal his whereabouts to Harrigan and Hoeffler, for a price.

4 The Affair Of Chief Strongheart The Affair Of Chief Strongheart
Written by Patrick O'Malley
Copyright: 1964

You start with a cigar-store Indian. You then mix in a few Soviet agents hovering around an ICBM site in North Dakota. Add Harrigan and Hoeffler for a very strange time. Oh, and top it off with two gorgeous women with interesting motives.

5 The Affair Of John Donne The Affair Of John Donne
Written by Patrick O'Malley
Copyright: 1964

The mission for Harrigan and Hoeffler is to infiltrate an ultra-secret John Birch society which has already been infiltrated by Soviet agents.

6 The Affair Of The Bumbling Briton The Affair Of The Bumbling Briton
Written by Patrick O'Malley
Copyright: 1965

England's most famous counterespionage agent has come to the States on a mission and then disappeared. Harrigan and Hoeffler's task is to find him and whoever it was that took him.

7 The Affair Of The Big Pig The Affair Of The Big Pig
Written by Patrick O'Malley
Copyright: 1965

While pretending to be authors doing research on sexual mores, Harrigan and Hoeffler are asked by a friend to help figure out a strange murder.


When a true artist wishes to write a satire, he doesn't try for slapstick or even humor. He tries for the slightly off-center, and then pushes it just a tad more. That's my opinion and it is also what Mr. O'Malley does in the seven adventures of Harrigan and Hoeffler.

I don't recall a time while reading these books that I laughed out loud but there was seldom a time I didn't have a bit of a grin on my face.

I was also glad I never really knew Harrigan or Hoeffler for I would certainly not like the things they would get me into or the things they would do to me. These guys are not to be triffled with. Just appreciated.


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Imagine Artie Wu and Quincy Durant with morals

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