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Full Name: Hagen
Series Name: Hagen Rides Again
Nationality: American
Organization: Secret Government Intelligence Agency
Occupation Agency

Creator: Kay Hooper
Time Span: 1987 - 1989


Hagen is the Director of an unnamed U.S. Intelligence agency.

Before she became a powerhouse in the high-end romance novel field, Kay Hooper perfected her craft with an interesting romance-spy series for Bantam's Loveswept line. This brand name ran from the mid 80's to the end of the 90's, numbering just over 900 books and featuring many of the top writing talent in the business. The series was popular with readers and with writers as the books were short, fast, and contained a good amount of humor.

It is hard to say whether Ms. Hooper intended the series to be an espionage one when she began as the first book had no noticeable spy element in it, nor did the spy master Hagen make an appearance. It did, however, set the stage for major characters that were drawn, usually without wanting to be, by Hagen into his schemes.

The premise of the series is that Hagen is in charge of this secret agency with a limited number of agents around the world. While the majority of these seem to be beautiful women, he does have one or two males in his employ.

The main characters running throughout the series, in addition to Hagen, include Josh Long, an extremely wealthy and dynamic businessman, and his three most trusted associates and friends, Rafferty the lawyer, Zach the security chief, and Lucas the chief investigator.

Hagen is a manipulator. Described as a rotund little man, 5'4, with the face of a cherub with fat rosy cheeks and small twinkling eyes. He certainly did not give the appearance of a man with the keen intellect that he had but this just helped him pull off some of his machinations.


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:1987
Last Appearance:1989

1 In Serena's Web In Serena's Web
Written by Kay Hooper
Copyright: 1987

Serena, wealthy daughter of a major electronics magnate, wants to marry Brian, the man her father asked to escort her from Europe to California but he obviously is only doing a job. To ensnare him, she pretends to be enamored with the handsome and rakish Josh Long, who is secretly really her half-brother and in on the deception.

2 Raven On The Wing Raven On The Wing
Written by Kay Hooper
Copyright: 1987

After many years with the latest blonde on his arm, Josh Long falls for the luscious brunette, Raven, but is stunned to learn she is an undercover agent out to break a vicious international white slavery operation.

3 Rafferty's Wife Rafferty's Wife
Written by Kay Hooper
Copyright: 1987

The mission that Hagen has for Rafferty is to pretend to be married to the lovely Sarah and to be on vacation aboard a yacht in the Caribbean while contacting a man with coded information concerning an upcoming coup on the island nation of Kadeira.

4 Zach's Law Zach's Law
Written by Kay Hooper
Copyright: 1987

It is now Zach's turn to be coerced into helping Hagen as he heads to the Rockies to keep a close eye on gun smugglers who use stolen artworks to finance their dealings with terrorists. It is while there that Zach meets and falls for the beautiful Teddy.

5 The Fall Of Lucas Kendrick The Fall Of Lucas Kendrick
Written by Kay Hooper
Copyright: 1988

The man behind the art thefts from the previous adventure is the target for Hagen in this one as he convinces Lucas to infiltrate the target's estate at the side of a woman from Lucas' past.

6 Unmasking Kelsey Unmasking Kelsey
Written by Kay Hooper
Copyright: 1988

Word that something was not right in the small town of Pinnacle in the southern U.S. takes Hagen's right-hand man, Kelsey, to investigate. He and his associate, Derek, find something very not right with the man who runs the town.

7 Outlaw Derek Outlaw Derek
Written by Kay Hooper
Copyright: 1988

Disturbing activities at the noted think tank and research facility she works at prompts Shannon to seek the help of the mysterious man known as Derek, putting them both at odds with a Middle Eastern tyrant.

8 Shades Of Grey Shades Of Grey
Written by Kay Hooper
Copyright: 1988

The leader of Kadeira, in love with young Sara Marsh, is in agony when his biggest rival for control of that Caribbean country kidnaps her. Hagen is not feeling too good either as he is the man who sent her into danger to begin with.

9 Captain's Paradise Captain's Paradise
Written by Kay Hooper
Copyright: 1988

When Michael Siran, one of Hagen's agents, finds that his sister has been kidnapped, he would use anyone and everyone to get her back and that includes the beautiful Robin who was recently on the same yacht his sister was being held on.

10 It Takes A Thief It Takes A Thief
Written by Kay Hooper
Copyright: 1989

Needing help to catch the head of a major terrorist organization, Hagen sets out to ensnare Josh Long and his group into helping. Along the way, an employee of Long, Dane Prescott, encounters a young woman who may or may not be the bait.

11 Aces High Aces High
Written by Kay Hooper
Copyright: 1989

Even as Hagen makes a final attempt to capture the terrorist leader he has sought for so long, Josh Long and his group make plans to teach Hagen a lesson and make him stop interfering into their lives.


It is with unbelievable chagrin that I admit I really enjoyed the dickens out of the Hagen series, a fact made even more astounding by the reluctance I had to even try one for this compendium. While romance novels will never be my cup of tea, I have gained a tremendous appreciation for the skill that goes into writing them. Couple that with the very impressive plotting and characterizations that Ms. Hooper did and you end up with a series that was not at all bad. Low on the espionage, short on the action, long on the romance, full-up on the fun.


My Grade: B-


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