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Full Name: David Grant
Nationality: British
Organization: NATO
Occupation Agent

Creator: George B. Mair
Time Span: 1964 - 1973


David Grant is an agent for NATO.

Dr. Grant is a man of many stories, each one usually sufficient for a lifetime. Born of an American mother and a British father, after graduating college, he joined the Royal Air Force to become a bomber pilot. A freak and tragic accident ended that dream and resulted him more than six months recuperation from major back surgery.

During this time, an interest in medicine, earned from personal experience, came about and he returned to college to get his medical degree. His first official job was with the Save The Children fund visiting refugee camps after WWII. The quality of his work as well as the initiative he showed in various actions brought him to the attention of the World Health Organization and work in the Middle East.

The Korean War took him to the Far East where he became more involved in extracurricular activity including tracking down rebel leaders and breaking up an opium smuggling operation, even as he continued his humanitarian duties. After Korea came assignment to the IndoChina area where his reputation as a man of action grew. After a few years with the WHO, a tour for the U.N. operating in the Congo took him to Africa.

At the time the series begins, he is working for NATO where his cover of an experienced and respected doctor lets him go where his real mission with their security service needs him.

Grant's two professions make a strange Jekyll-Hyde combination. As a doctor, he is a practiced man of healing. As an agent for NATO's covert security detachment, he is their best agent and most gifted assassin. Certainly the knowledge of the first profession, knowing how and why the body works as it does, makes it easier to perform the second, making the body stop working. But his oath to preserve life does at times conflict with his determination to see peace maintained.

In the course of his many missions, Grant has the occasion to meet and make love to many different beautiful women, as is in keeping with secret agents of that era. He also finds his own personal nemesis in the form of the Society for the Activation of Terror, Anarcy, and Nihilism, more commonly known as S.A.T.A.N.


Number of Books:10
First Appearance:1964
Last Appearance:1973

1 Death's Foot Forward Death's Foot Forward
Written by George B. Mair
Copyright: 1964

With permission from his NATO boss, David Grant takes a freelance mission inside Moscow to find a German doctor perfecting a bacteria capable of killing in seconds. He mixes his assignment with a personal task of freeing a Russian ballerina he has fallen in love with.

2 Miss Turquoise Miss Turquoise
Written by George B. Mair
Copyright: 1964

Sent to Spanish Sahara to help find a source for a very rare mineral needed in the space race, David Grant finds himself against an organization named S.A.T.A.N. To survive, he needs the help of the local Sheik's daughter, a woman who likes to powder herself blue.

3 Live, Love And Cry Live, Love And Cry
Written by George B. Mair
Copyright: 1965

The scientist who invented PENTER-15, a potent contraceptive fluid, has disappeared and suddenly the evil S.A.T.A.N. is at work bringing down the birth rate at the West's major cities.

4 Kisses From Satan Kisses From Satan
Written by George B. Mair
Copyright: 1966

The organization known as S.A.T.A.N. is back with a plan to drain all secrets from David Grant even as it provokes enough trouble in the U.S. to drive it to a new civil war.

5 The Girl From Peking The Girl From Peking
Written by George B. Mair
Copyright: 1967

Someone is pushing a plan to get Red China admitted to the U.N. a lot faster than the West would want. David Grant is dispatched to find out who is doing it and what tools are they using.

6 Black Champagne Black Champagne
Written by George B. Mair
Copyright: 1968

A prisoner condemned to die passes on information to David Grant that implicate a top U.N. executive in a plot to keep tensions high at numerous spots around the world.

7 Goddesses Never Die Goddesses Never Die
Written by George B. Mair
Copyright: 1969

A woman considered a Living Goddess in a temple in the Himalayas is mounting a campaign to take over the world through hashish and LSD. She is aided by the mob as well as corrupt politicians and easy-going hippies.

8 Wreath Of Camillias Wreath Of Camillias
Written by George B. Mair
Copyright: 1970

Currency irregularies give way to blackmail in the political arena and suddenly NATO itself seems threatened. David Grant is ordered to find out who is behind the activity. He learns that the Red Chinese are the root but his chances of living to do anything about it look slim.

9 Crimson Jade Crimson Jade
Written by George B. Mair
Copyright: 1971

David Grant is in Buenes Aires enjoying the company of a beautiful and rich woman when her past begins to catch up with her, a past involving a blood feud reaching deep into the rubber plantations of the Amazon. Soon Grant is deeply involved in fighting to stay alive.

10 Paradise Spells Danger Paradise Spells Danger
Written by George B. Mair
Copyright: 1973

The death of David Grant's boss and friend in a motor accident throws him for a loop. He doesn't believe it really was an accident but no one in authority will listen so it is up to Grant to find who did it and to get revenge.


There are numerous series that claim if you liked Bond, you'll love them. This is one of them and they tell the truth. Grant is the epitome of a man of action. Though fallible enough to be interesting, he is gifted enough to get the job done in thrilling and fun-to-read ways. I liked the David Grant stories and do recommend them.

On the other hand! Being a product of the early 60's, it is not surprising to see Grant have to face a diabolical organization intent of terrible deeds, but it is hard to keep a straight face when the protagonists finds himself going up against the agents of S.A.T.A.N.!

I especially liked the choice for the "N". Nihilism? How can that be profitable? Why would a group work so hard for it? Come to think of it, the striving to advance the cause of something that believes nothing has value is interesting. How do you know when you're done? Just a thought.


My Grade: B

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tomjohnson A+ 7/29/2014 8:41:50 AM

Here's an oddity, Turncoat by Hal G. Evarts featured David Grant in a 1960 exciting spy thriller, though he wasn't really a spy yet. He took the job after this assignment. The story starts in Hong Kong and Grant has to cross the Himalaya mountains to rescue the Panchen Lama and bring him to Honk Kong. Is this story somehow connected to the later David Grant series?

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