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Full Name: Jack Gannon
Nationality: American
Organization: Delta Force
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. C. Pollock
Time Span: 1989 - 1991


Jack Gannon is an instructor for Delta Force.

Jack Gannon has put in his time in the Special Forces. Following several tours in Vietnam, he volunteered for the new military group known as Delta Force, being a founding member of that highly skilled organization. He saw action in several campaigns and won a fair number of medals and commendations for it.

He was good. So good, in fact, that upon his retirement from the military at age 40, he was offered a very rare position as a civilian training instructor for the clandestine infiltration group. This kept him in contact with his former teammates, a fact that would be of use to him in the recorded adventures. It is almost certain he would have lived the rest of his life in peace, content to train the young men who would go into harm's way, had not his life taken a sad turn.

A sadistic operative for the KGB decided to grab an innocent woman off the streets of New York, brutally rape and murder her, and toss her battered body onto the streets like so much refuse.

That woman was Jack Gannon's wife, visiting her mother in Manhattan. When the search for and punishment of the animal that took her from him did not come close to what he expected, Jack Gannon is forced back into action.

Very much a man of action, Gannon has little interest in the niceties of diplomacy or the rules of spycraft. When told the murderer almost certainly had diplomatic immunity, he shakes his head and replies coldly, 'Not from me.'

The actions he took in the first book brought him to the attention of the Intelligence community who then knew who to call when another impossible case came along.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1989
Last Appearance:1991

1 Payback Payback
Written by J. C. Pollock
Copyright: 1989

Gannon is determined to find why his wife was killed which soon pits him against a psychopathic KGB agent named Marik and Marik has been a very busy man. His superior in the KGB wants to break the stifling peace that is happening between the two super powers and a good nuclear suitcase bomb in America is the weapon.

2 Threat Case Threat Case
Written by J. C. Pollock
Copyright: 1991

The drug lords of Central and South America want to signal that you don't mess with them with impunity and the best way is the assassination of the President. They use the services of a former Special Forces agent now a highly accomplished assassin.


The basic underlying theme that I found in these two novels seemed to be 'you do not know who you are messing with' and it is extremely well done in these two novels. I truly liked Jack Gannon as he was a non-posturing, self-confident man who saw what needed to be done and went about doing it. He is obviously well-liked as others waste no time coming to his aid and this was written with incredible class. It would have been so easy to have his teammates fauning over him but their reactions were simply that Jack needed help and they were there for him.

It is a shame that Mr. Polluck wrote no more about this character. Certainly the reading public (me!) would have liked more.


My Grade: B+


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