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Full Name: Paul Gane
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael Woodman
Time Span: 1970 - 1971


Paul Gane is an agent for MI6.

He is a hard drinker and a lady's man, at least that is what Gane likes to think. Certainly the drinking part is true but unlike the stereotypical boozing spy, Gane suffers realistic nausea, passing out, and intense hangovers. This never suffices to slow him down but it does cause understandable trouble in his professional life.

On the matter of the ladies, the best that can be said about this 29-year-old man is that Gane likes sex. He doesn't get as much as he would like or as much as he would brag about, largely because he is a crude and forgettable bore. In one startling passage, his adolescent brain goads him into reaching up the back of a skirt of a secretary who was bending over to pick up something. When the loutish invasion results in the girl getting upset enough to cry, he is truly stunned and confused. This is mentioned because his loutish behavior moves far beyond the ladies and enters his professional life as well just as the drinking does. The hardly makes him the ideal employee.

Paul Gane has little to endear him to anyone. That includes his employers who eventually learn that he is more trouble than he is worth and get rid of him. Now out of a job and still a louse, his prospects are even less and he turns to larceny as a way out. Far be it for Gane to think of changing his ways. It is always the other guy who is wronging him.

As a spy, Gane was never very good, except in his own mind; in that domain he sees himself every bit as good as he is a lover. As a crook, he is worse. As a patsy and a jerk, he is quite successful.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1970
Last Appearance:1971

1 The Medusa Kiss The Medusa Kiss
Written by Michael Woodman
Copyright: 1970

Sent to Thailand to infiltrate a female crime lord's estate to retrieve a document, Paul soon learns of a plan to destroy the US by flooding it with free drugs.

2 Bullion Bullion
Written by Michael Woodman
Copyright: 1971

Freshly fired from his MI6 job, Gane gets involved in a scheme to steal a fortune in gold bullion but the double crossing is rampant.


The two books about Paul Gane are a pair of highly forgettable lessons in how not to write good stories. The character is despicable and the adventures are haphazard and without rhyme or reason. It would be hard to be less impressed.

At the time they came out, the anti-hero was very much in vogue and perhaps the author wanted to capitalize on that fad. That is preferable to thinking this was how the author felt a "real" man who act. Women are playthings, the establishment is either a joke or on the take, law and order is for saps.

Paul Gane is the protagonist but he certainly is not the hero.


My Grade: D

Your Average Grade:   C


chrisno1 C 2019-06-15

I think I enjoyed these a little more than you, Sir, but they are very rum. Gane is a horrid anti-anti-hero, very dislikeable. Disappointing as the set ups are quite plausible.

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