PAUL FOX (1971)

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Full Name: Paul Fox
Nationality: Canadian
Organization: Department Of National Defence
Occupation Agent

Creator: David Mounce
Time Span: 1971 - 1981


Paul Fox is an agent for the Department Of National Defence.

For almost a decade, Fox worked for the Organization, an unnamed section inside the Department of National Defence. When his wife was killed by a Soviet agent as retaliation, he went on a short revenge spree, killing as many of them as he could find, starting with the junior agent who had pulled the trigger. About that man Fox mused once, "...took three weeks to find. He died very slowly...".

What bothered Fox almost as much as his wife's death is that she had never even known what he did for a living, thinking him a businessman who travelled all over the world. It was on one trip that she took with him on a belated honeymoon in France that the killer, thinking she was also an agent, shot and killed her.

After his revenge spree had gone on for a short while, Fox began to realize it was not easing his grief any. So he quit. He quit his vengeance and he quit the Organization. He found a good job in the civilian world actually working as the consulting engineer he had used as a cover, this time for real on assignments all over North America. He finished raising his only child, a daughter, until she was nearing the end of her college and no longer needed her father as much.

As the series starts, he has been a civilian for nine years and was very content with his peaceful, normal life. He had remained a member of the Reserves, however, and it was while training with his military unit that he came upon an obvious act of sabotage in the wilderness of western Canada and did what he was trained to do. He stopped it. And found himself again working for the same people he has left many years before.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1971
Last Appearance:1981

1 The Shield Project The Shield Project
Written by David Mounce
Copyright: 1971

A revolutionary method of missile defense, a joint American-Canadian-British operation, is being threatened by Soviet agents, some of them deep undercover inside the organization.

2 Operation Cuttlefish Operation Cuttlefish
Written by David Mounce
Copyright: 1972

Paul Fox is sent along with his lover to the Bahamas to uncover the Soviet's system of moving key espionage personnel around the Western Hemisphere. The lady is kidnapped and Fox is targetted for elimination.

3 Operation Watchdog Operation Watchdog
Written by David Mounce
Copyright: 1981

When two strains of bacteria come together, they wreck havoc with the internal organs of the victim. Paul Fox must find the traitor trying to sell the formula to the Soviets before the transaction takes place. He doesn't know he already carries one of the strains inside himself.


"This is an average action tale of covert operations, though it gets quite overt in places. The characters are decent enough but so little is told about them it is hard to know who they are and you find you don't really care."

That is what I originally wrote about the series several years ago when it was one of the first I graded. Recently I revisited the series to expand the About The Series section and have gotten a new, better appreciation for it. The plots are a bit jumbled at times but the writing style flows incredibly well and the descriptions never leave you wondering what is going on. Before I knew it, I was again halfway through the first book and enjoying it a great deal.

So my grade for the series went up one full level and I learned, hopefully, to be not so hasty with faint praise.


My Grade: B


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