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Full Name: Roy Tucker
Series Name: Domino
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Other - Ex-Con

Creator: Adam Kennedy
Time Span: 1975 - 1984


Roy Tucker is a convict.

To here the prosecution tell it, he is an average man with killer skills. He had learned to fight when his mother died when he was young and his father, a drunk from then on, abandoned him while a teenager. After several years of living on his own, stealing and fighting and carousing as it seemed necessary, he was arrested on a hefty charge and given a chance by the judge to 'serve-or-do-time'.

In the military he was taught how to kill. He learned well, especially as a marksman. His deal was to be in for three years and he did those honorably and successfully, rising to the rank of sergeant before his time came up. He was wounded and earned a Purple Heart near the end of his service and probably would have re-enlisted had he not been talked into making a try for an even better life on the outside.

Life in the civilian world would not be easy for a man with one year of high school, a criminal record, and a tendency to hit first and think later. Finding a job would prove difficult for a time. Eventually he got the chauffeur's job with a car dealer, a man who liked the opportunity to hold Tucker's record over his head. It was a job that would introduce him to the dealer's wife and lead eventually to the dealer's death and prison for Tucker and his new love.

Tucker is suspicious, laconic, brash, and demanding. When pushed a little, he will push back a lot harder to make sure the trouble does not escalate. He is also faithful, truthful, and basically honest. In prison he had a made a friend and decided to stand by that friend no matter what happened.

He had been set up as a patsy before, resulting in his being sent to prison at age 28. Now having served five years in that prison, most in maximum security, for first-degree murder with at least another fifteen ahead of him, he is 33 and just wanting to be left alone to survive.

That is when the offer is handed him. In his heart, he knew he was being set up because he knew what being set up was like. He did not care for it.

He is not the sort of man the conspirators should have chosen.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1975
Last Appearance:1984

1 The Domino Principle The Domino Principle
Written by Adam Kennedy
Copyright: 1975

Wanting someone important killed, a group of the country's main military complex looked for someone to be a good assassin and even better patsy. They found him in Roy Tucker, serving 20-to-life for killing the husband of his girlfriend.

2 The Domino Vendetta The Domino Vendetta
Written by Adam Kennedy
Copyright: 1984

Having killed the man they wanted dead but seen his own life take a dramatic downward turn, Roy Tucker wants only revenge. That means find out who was truly behind the conspiracy and taking them on. He had no real training for this but he had a burning hatred that would make up for it.


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:1977
Last Appearance:1977

The first book was made into a terrific film in 1977 starring Gene Hackman as Tucker, Candice Bergen as his wife, Richard Widmark, and Eli Wallach. It is highly recommended. Hackman brings Tucker to life as a man who you should really not mess with.

1 The Domino Principle The Domino Principle
aka The Domino Killings
Director: Stanley Kramer
Writer: Adam Kennedy
Actors: Gene Hackman as Roy Tucker, Candice Bergen as Ellie Tucker, Richard Widmark as Tagge, Mickey Rooney as Spiventa, Edward Albert as Ross Pine, Eli Wallach as General Reser
Released: 1977

In prison and out of options, Roy Tucker's only skill is with a rifle, learned in Vietnam. Someone wants to use that skill and will get him out if he will kill one person for them.


Though it dealt with international intrigue and deep political turmoil, this two-book series is not about a spy but about a plain man pushed into being an assassin. The plot is fantastic and believable. The writing style is both fast-paced and rich in content, something hard to accomplish. Adam Kennedy does it well, however, and both books were impossible to put down.

There is a lot of differences about the two books, understandable since nine years separated them. In story-time, of course, there is not much in between the two but in feel and attitude they are different. Or it could be that the first was the build up to a major event and the second was the ramifications of the event.

Either way, both books are different and both are darned good.

The grade is for how they work as spy novels. As just exceptional adventures, fast and furious, they grade a lot better.


My Grade: C+


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