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Full Name: Michael Devon
Series Name: Devon's Way
Nationality: American
Organization: Devon Security
Occupation CEO

Creator: Rod Pennington
Time Span: 1988 - 1989


Michael Devon runs a security service.

This high-priced, and highly respected business specializes in keeping alive those who travel overseas to regions known for not being the safest. His minimum price per assignment is one million dollars and often charges more when the case deserves it, which it often does. On top of that come expenses and since Devon demands the ultimate from himself and his colleagues, he insists on providing the very best in equipment and logistics.

After service with the military, he worked for several years for the CIA eventually rising to the position of Director of Operations. After a time when he was considering leaving, the issue was settled for him with a Congressional witchhunt decided the Agency was a vulnerable target and Devon, having just orchestrated the overthrow of a dictator in Central America, was a very visible bullseye. He was forced out.

Still fairly young in his opinion, well respected and with a considerable number of friends and influential associates, Devon didn't fade away. He created his own company and gathered many very skilled operatives met during his previous life, not just from the CIA but from other agencies. Devon demanded the best. With them to help, his considerable reputation just grew stronger because he got results.

With the high fees he charges and the success rate he has amassed, Devon has become a wealthy man, able to own a large estate on Captiva Island in Florida. It is from this palatial manor, strongly reinforced for security, that Devon runs his business when he is not out on assignment himself. Devon might not have to go but sitting at home would drive him crazy. And though he is no longer a young man, he is still one of the best he knows.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1988
Last Appearance:1989

1 The Quicksilver Solution The Quicksilver Solution
Written by Rod Pennington
Copyright: 1988

The daughter of a wealthy American is kidnapped to be one of several plaything for an even richer arab despot. Devon and his company are hird to get her back, regardless of cost.

2 The Linz Trust The Linz Trust
Written by Rod Pennington
Copyright: 1988

A former low-level Nazi who aided the Americans during the reconstruction is now a wealthy citizen and has some reconstructing plans of his own, starting with the deaths of the President and Vice-President to put his own person in the top position.

3 The Star Wars Plot The Star Wars Plot
Written by Rod Pennington
Copyright: 1989

The company making key ingredients for the U.S. Star Wars program has been compromised and very sensitive secrets have been stolen. Devon is hired to get them back from the Soviets.


Designed to be fast action, hit 'em hard adventures, these three books just plain work. They are fun to read and leave you with the same satisfaction a good blow 'em up movie would. I liked them. Don't look for depth or revealing characterizations here but if you want excitement, this will give it to you.

I especially liked the fact that Devon is, while over-the-top in many ways, quite down to earth in most. He instinctively commands respect but seems truly embarrassed by it. If I were in trouble, I'd want Devon to have my back.


My Grade: B


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