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Full Name: Kiss Darling
Nationality: British
Organization: T.O.P.P.
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Yardley
Time Span: 1970 - 1971


Kiss Darling is a top investigator for an international insurance company.

She is a young, adventurous, beautiful woman who also happens to a certified genius. That is certainly not a bad combination of attributed to possess and Ms. Darling certainly makes the most of them.

The premise behind the series is that Kiss is the daughter of a British titled mother and a Lawrence-of-Arabia style traveling father who took Kiss along with him on many of his escapades as she was growing up. This resulted in her gaining an impressive understanding of the world around her which, coupled with her extremely high intelligence and schooling at the best places all melded to create a person with a 'computer mind'.

Physically, she is beautiful and alluring almost to a fault. She is envied by other women and desired by every man though she has so far maintained her 'virtue' intact. Oddly, while this is mentioned in assorted ways throughout the series, it is uniformly with the attitude that she simply hasn't yet met the right man. There is no preaching nor bemoaning fate. It is refreshing to have a change from 'I can't sleep you with' or 'I'm not that sort of person' to get a simple 'I don't feel like it today.'

The reason the two-book series is included in this compendium is two-fold. First, the fact that both adventures are filled with spies and international intrigue would be enough to warrant inclusion. Second, Kiss works as the assistant for a charming but randy fellow named Fane who has once worked for some shadowy intelligence organization and who still has some hidden connection that gets him, and Kiss, into deep trouble. Though they actually work for a large and successful insurance company as troubleshooters, they still get roped into activities for the government.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1970
Last Appearance:1971

1 Kiss The Boys And Make Them Die Kiss The Boys And Make Them Die
Written by James Yardley
Copyright: 1970

Beneath the rapidly rising waters of the Nile Lake (now Lake Nasser) after the completion of the Aswan Dam, a treasure trove of ancient artifacts has been found by a rich madman who sees the incredible wealth as the way to put him not only in power but to bring back the era of the Pharaohs.

2 A Kiss A Day Keeps The Corpses Away A Kiss A Day Keeps The Corpses Away
Written by James Yardley
Copyright: 1971

The head of the world's largest pharmaceutical corporation has decided that the world is too populated. With his vast resources of mind altering drugs and death dealing chemicals, he has decided to eliminate 90% and leave himself firming in charge of the remain 10%.


As action-adventure series go, you really can't go wrong with a Kiss (sorry!). I liked this series quite a bit. On the surface it seemed nothing but fluff and I'll grant that they were not that deep in content but the stories never succumbed to the natural inclination of silliness or campy-ness or caricature. The writing was very good with excellent pacing and quality character building. Best of all, the dialogue was grown-up and believable.

I don't know if they didn't sell well enough to warrant more or if the author just chose to not pursue it but I wished I had more of Ms. Darling's adventures to enjoy.


My Grade: B

Your Average Grade:   B


chrisno1 B 2016-05-30

Better than most female spies of the time, Kiss Darling is fun, sexy and chaste. While she's central to the plot, most of teh tough stuff is done by her uncouth sidekick Fane, who has the knack of seducing women in every port. Great locations, great descriptions, intelligent plots. It's just disappointing our Kiss is so static; I want her to do much more than she does. The resolutions are a bit tacky, but getting there is clever and fun.

chrisno1 B 2020-11-27

I enjoyed the luscious Kiss, not so her arrogant sidekick Angus Fane. Good stories spoiled by Kiss being too static and the finales too comic strip. Two sexy little numbers with superb Pan covers. I wish Yardley had written more.

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