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Full Name: Peter Craig
Nationality: British
Organization: Foreign Office
Occupation Agent

Creator: Kenneth Benton
Time Span: 1969 - 2012


Peter Craig is a counter-terrorism expert for the British.

As a civil servant in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the British government, holding the position of Overseas Police Advisor, he is a well respected authority on terrorism and insurgency around the globe. Being such, he is very much in demand as an instructor and lecturer and travels to world extensively both teaching what he has learned and learning the newest gambits by rebels and terrorists.

He got his start at least twelve years before the series begins, a young, earnest policeman, shortly out of Cambridge, made probationary Assistant Superintendent of Police in the British colony of Sierra Leone and remained at that post for several years before being promoted to Commissioner of Police for "Bangasa" (sic) until that country won its independence and he returned to England. He joined the Commonwealth Office which was a part of the Foreign Office and in that organization he was able to combine his police skills with the diplomacy he learned the hard way, coupled with a new and intense understanding of subversion and terrorism.

Craig is for the most part a non-violent man. His position with the Foreign Office is not one from which he would expect any amount of action but his fate seems to be otherwise and invariably he gets into the middle of things. He often has to show that though he does not care to fight, he is most certainly capable of it, and of winning.

He is a fairly quiet, low-keyed individual, moderate in nearly every part of his life. He has no known family but definitely has an appreciation for the fairer sex. He drinks in moderation and has no other discernable vices. Except, perhaps, for a determination to get at the truth of a case, no matter how dangerous that might be or uncomfortable the exploration.

Note: 37 years after the sixth Peter Craig adventure was published, Kenneth Benton's grandson released in e-book format a new adventure that "comes from an unpublished manuscript, posthumously edited and published".


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:1969
Last Appearance:2012

1 24th Level 24th Level
Written by Kenneth Benton
Copyright: 1969

Peter Craig wanted his visit to Rio to be just an enjoyable reunion with an old friend but the insistance of a British diamond cartel causes him to look into a strange case with devastating results as someone else really doesn't want meddlers.

2 Spy In Chancery Spy In Chancery
Written by Kenneth Benton
Copyright: 1973

At first the British Ambassador to Italy refused to believe there was a mole in his Rome Chancery but once Peter Craig convinces him, there is no stopping the diplomat from taking matters into his own hands.

3 Sole Agent Sole Agent
Written by Kenneth Benton
Copyright: 1974

The British defense attache in Lisbon is missing a grown daughter who may be assisting the communists to overthrow the Portuguese government. She may be guilty of murder. She certainly is a handful for Peter Craig.

4 Craig And The Jaguar Craig And The Jaguar
aka Shadow of the Jaguar
Written by Kenneth Benton
Copyright: 1974

In a remote mountain valley in the Andes of Peru, a rebel gang was plotting to spread its reach across all of South America but it needed leverage so it kidnapped a group of student volunteer workers. One of them was the niece of the head of MI-6. He sent Peter Craig to get her free.

5 Craig And The Tunisian Tangle Craig And The Tunisian Tangle
Written by Kenneth Benton
Copyright: 1975

Arriving in Tunisia, Peter Craig is almost instantly captured by would-be rebels, amateurs based on their actions. Then he is rescued by professional revolutionaries, which lets him know that the forces facing the government are highly trained and quite lethal.

6 Craig And The Midas Touch Craig And The Midas Touch
Written by Kenneth Benton
Copyright: 1975

Peter Craig was in Jubayl, Saudia Arabia on one mission when he is co-opted to assist in a murder investigation. An American pilot is scheduled to be hung for the crime and Craig's efforts to prove his innocence has angered some powerful people.

7 Vengeance In Venice Vengeance In Venice
Written by Kenneth Benton
Copyright: 2012

Peter Craig and Jane Grayshott were successful in smuggling a Soviet scientist out of Yugoslavia and felt some well-earned break time was in order. Heading to the romantic city of Venice, they are unaware that the KGB has become annoyed with them and sent an assassin to pay his respects.
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I don't think there are that many lecturers who practice what they teach quite as often and vehemently as Craig. He seems to be always getting in trouble and always taking the events as commonplace. This seems to be one of the most unflappable men around, which is one thing that makes the series so enjoyable. Of course, the fact that he had been a policeman and had seen many unpleasant things before he began his lectures had something to do with it. I would have enjoyed listening to his lectures, I think, but a drink afterwards seems to be a common way for his dangers to begin.


My Grade: B+


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