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Full Name: Rupert Conway
Nationality: British
Organization: -
Occupation Businessman

Creator: Edwin Leather
Time Span: 1977 - 1980


Rupert Conway is an art dealer.

He is happy, contented and quite successful now living in Vienna. Well into his middle age, at 56 when the series starts, Conway had had his share of excitement. His father was a British Lord and a diplomat and the Conway family travelled the world extensively. A couple years in one country before moving to another, and so on, worked to give Conway a well-developed understanding of the world.

Serving for several years in the British army, achieving the rank of Major, Conway's main job was as a soldier-art detective helping to hunt down stolen art pieces at the end of WWII. When he finally retired and took up his greatest love, art, he opened his own gallery and, within a few years, had gained a solid reputation as an expert to be trusted. His good name translated to a thriving business and eventually he would extend his gallery business from Vienna to London and to Chicago. He soon was not hurting for money whatsoever.

He also earned another reputation, less known but just as true, as a lover of mysteries and a determined bloodhound. It is this love of a good puzzle that gets Conway into harm's way. Luckily his brains are good enough to get him out of the trouble though luck does play a part at times. That does not mean, however, that Conway could not have handled himself well in a scuffle. Though age had added a few pounds to his midsection and his face was fuller than in years past, he still have enough of his former athletic build to hold his own, for a while.

It wasn't just a love of mysteries, though, that got him into trouble. Conway was an expert not just in art but in stolen Nazi art and finding it and returning it to its rightful owners was sometimes an obsession. Couple that with the fact that art can be used as a way to launder money for clandestine activities and you have a situation where an investigator can become very unpopular.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1977
Last Appearance:1980

1 The Vienna Elephant The Vienna Elephant
Written by Edwin Leather
Copyright: 1977

When Rupert Conway got involved in the hunt for a beautiful figurine of an elephant made by the legendary Faberge, he didn't know he would be fighting former Nazis anxious to hide their stolen booty or East German spies anxious to get hands on stolen documents.

2 The Mozart Score The Mozart Score
Written by Edwin Leather
Copyright: 1979

The son of a famous cellist, a respected Israeli scientist working on a nuclear project, has disappeared while in Austria. Thinking he may be involved in looking for something belonging to his deceased father, the Israeli authorities ask Rupert Conway with his contacts around the country to help find him.

3 The Duveen Letter The Duveen Letter
Written by Edwin Leather
Copyright: 1980

Rupert Conway believes that a very rare painting by a Renaissance artist is really a fake but from the moment he mentions his doubts, he becomes the target of both the KGB and German terrorists.


I'm sure if you had asked Conway if he wanted to go up against the KGB, the East Germans, or terrorists, he would have said no. But if you asked him if he wanted to get involved in the mysteries that drew those folks in too, well, that might be a different answer.

I think you will like Mr. Leather's easy, entertaining style. I did. I was also suitably impressed with the fact that this author was a member of Parliament, a Knight, and a governor of Bermuda. And he wrote three very good books.


My Grade: B


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