Cain1 Cain2
Full Name: Cain
Nationality: American
Organization: Zinner Enterprises
Occupation Troubleshooter

Creator: Sean A. Key
Time Span: 1980 - 1981


Cain is a troubleshooter for a large corporation.

On the surface, Cain is a soldier-of-fortune. At least that is how this man with no full name looks upon himself. His boss, Mr. Zinner, looks at him differently. To the wealthiest man in the world, a man whose conglomerate has its own highly qualified security department, Cain and his two associates, Soldier and Slick, are the independent troubleshooters to call when only the meanest, toughest will do.

Cain has been a gun-for-hire. When Zinner asked him if he really liked the danger that he routinely faced, he shrugged and replied, "I'm selling the only commodity that I have: I will do dangerous jobs."

Cain is 6'2", 200 lbs, with blond hair and a well built physique. At the start of the two-book series, he is in his mid-30's. He has been employed by Zinner's corporation for several years and has been involved in numerous explosive situations, the one just before the series start resulting in his having been shot from which he has just recently recovered.

Before he was hired by Zinner he had been a cop for a few years until an unspecified incident resulted in a man's death and Cain was kicked off the force, charged with murder, and convicted. After a short stint in prison, the case was overturned on appeal and the prosecutor chose not to refile. This left Cain without a criminal conviction on his record but with a reputation that seems to precede him.

Cain has been to the toughest places in the world and survived. And now he works for a very powerful man. And knows that man's granddaughter rather well.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1980
Last Appearance:1981

1 The Mark Of Cain The Mark Of Cain
Written by Sean A. Key
Copyright: 1980

The kidnapping of a rich young man and his equally young bride was the latest action of a piratical leader of a powerful drug smuggling cartel. The young man, though, was the great-grandson of Cain's boss and that meant Cain was sent to get him free.

2 Cain's Chinese Puzzle Cain's Chinese Puzzle
Written by Sean A. Key
Copyright: 1981

The death of one of Cain's bosses employees while negotiating with the Chinese over oil rights is the start of a war between powerful factions who each want control. Cain's job is to see his boss is the victor.


The two-book series about Cain almost didn't make in this group but the whole troubleshooter aspect nudged him in. It is a fun, exciting series which doesn't require a lot of thought to follow. Just grab a cold one and read of things blowing up. Well, there are also knife fights, brawls, gun play, women dropping robes, and plenty of macho talking bravado (though not from Cain). But in the end, if it had been filmed, it would have been what I call a good "blow 'em up".

And sometimes that's all you want.


My Grade: C+


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