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Full Name: Michael Brooks
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: H. T. Rothwell
Time Span: 1966 - 1969


Michael Brooks is an agent for the British Secret Service.

He is also a lovable rogue, as they would say in olden days, but a man who saw more as a young man than he would like to remember and has done a good job of forgetting most of it, or pretending to.

During WWII, he had lied about his age to get into the military and then served with enough distinction to get noticed as someone with brass and skill. He was transferred to an infiltration unit where he received specialized training in stealth, blending in, bomb making, and other handy tricks to survive behind enemy lines. Then he parachuted into occupied Holland and began working with the Resistance. His work there was highly successful though he was forced to do things that he would rather have not, and he was made to decide to do them without hesitation.

With the end of the war came the end of the need for men such as he, or so he thought. He went back to school for a while and then took a job in the white collar world where he was almost instantl bored. He expected that was where he would always be, bored and restless with no hope of the excitement he had known, until the day he died.

But it was someone else who died. An aunt who had a nice nest egg and a fond memory of Brooks passed away and left him a tidy inheritance. It was not a huge one but it was enough, he felt, that he could afford a break with his boring life. He spent a good chunk of it on a beautiful sloop named the Ariadne and then he quit his day job. He was determined that he would spend his days as a writer, sailing as needed to relaxation and inspiration. He was suddenly a lot happier.

The same could not be said for Janet, the woman he loved and wanted to bed and who loved him and wanted to wed. She was already a writer of sorts being a reported for a Fleet Street newspaper and she was stunned that he would give up a good paying job to just float about. She wanted to be his wife and she wanted a stable homefront, one that didn't rock with the tides. The fact that Brooks had already written and sold several short stories to magazines didn't count.

That is how things stood at the start of the series, when Brooks was onboard his boat trying to seduce Janet and she was there to convince him to marry her and life took a strange turn for both of them. Soon Brooks would, at age 38, make another career change as the British Secret Service would take note of how well he handled the matters in the first book and offer him a job making use of te skills he had learned almost two decades before and he, sensing the action and adventure that was likely, accepted.

Janet, however, did not go away. She had no love of his new profession and even less love of the luscious Deirdre that Brooks would soone become entangled with in his job and she sticks around to keep him straight and more than once to save his behind.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1969

1 Exit A Spy Exit A Spy
Written by H. T. Rothwell
Copyright: 1966

When Micheal Brooks inherits enough money to leave his boring white-collar job, he never dreams it would open the door to a lot more danger and adventure than he had ever conceived.
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2 Dive Deep For Danger Dive Deep For Danger
Written by H. T. Rothwell
Copyright: 1966

Recently recruited into the British intelligence community, Michael Brooks is sent to assist a fellow agent in South Africa and ends up stealing a nuclear missile from a wrecked Soviet nuclear submarine.
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3 Duet For Three Spies Duet For Three Spies
Written by H. T. Rothwell
Copyright: 1967

Parachuting into the Congo on a rescue mission, Michael Brooks and his associates break up a Soviet scheme. Only Brooks thinks things are far more than they seem.
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4 No Honour Amongst Spies No Honour Amongst Spies
Written by H. T. Rothwell
Copyright: 1969

The return of a female KGB spy who saved Michael Brooks life puts her in danger. His attempts to rescue her puts everyone's life at risk.
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5 No Kisses From The Kremlin No Kisses From The Kremlin
Written by H. T. Rothwell
Copyright: 1969

Michael Brooks is sent to East Germany to spy on a test-firing of a new weapon system. He then decides on his own that kidnapping the inventor and smuggling her out was an even better idea.


I would probably like to have a drink with Brooks but I wouldn't let him within a mile of my daughter. An inveterate skirt chaser, Brooks at one point is kissing the true love of his life goodbye at an airport while oogling a beautiful woman about to board the same plane he is.

That actually makes him sound far worse than he is. Brooks is a decent guy but he is a guy. Looking and watching is something he does as a profession, though Janet would call it something else.

Action-wise, this is a good series. There is a fair amount of it, all revolving around the fight against the Communists but it is like banana pudding. Darn good and appealing but without any real substance. You leave each book feeling there really should have been more. But you will have enjoyed what you just had, too.


My Grade: B-


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