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Full Name: Adam Breck
Nationality: American
Organization: Unnamed Secret Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Kenneth Orvis
Time Span: 1965 - 1974


Adam Breck is an agent for a ultra-secret Intelligence agency.

The agency Breck works for is so secret that only a dozen people in the world know of its existance, outside of those who work for it. The exact mission of the group is not specified but it would appear they handle cases that the other agencies can't. And they handle them with extreme prejudice when called for. It is run by a man named Clock, a humorless man who lives only for his job and expects his people to follow suit. Clock's people are highly disciplined and are trained endlessly that the first Rule in the business is "never love, never feel, never let emotion affect efficiency, purpose, dedication." In working for such a man Breck has learned to create a personal wall around his feelings and deal only with the task given him but at times there is a break in the wall and he has to fight to get it back.

Breck has been working for Clock for a good number of years as the series starts. He has had move than a thousand hours of deadly training during that period and is at the top of his game. With such determination, there is no doubt why Breck is Clock's number one agent in the small bureau. The biggest flaw Breck is said to have is his unwavering loyalty for those with whom he works.

He is listed as just under six feet, thin, and nondescript enough to go unnoticed in most crowds, a useful attribute for a spy. His face is described as "rough hewn, like the face of an old Roman coin, virile ugly - attractive". Despite being thin, he is in excellent shape like that of a professional athlete along the order of a tennis player.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1974

1 Night Without Darkness Night Without Darkness
Written by Kenneth Orvis
Copyright: 1965

A scientist giving a lecture in London vanishes during the presentation and reappears in Bulgaria. Adam Breck is sent there to either grab or eliminate him as he has knowledge of a new weapon with deadly possibilities.
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2 The Doomsday List The Doomsday List
Written by Kenneth Orvis
Copyright: 1974

Someone is killing undercover CIA agents in exceptionally brutal manner, apparently to tell remaining agents they are likely to be next. Certain there is a traitor high up in the organization, the White House turns to Adam Breck's agency to help out.


This series presses moderately hard to describe the danger and tribulations secret agents must endure. The action is well-conceived and described and the plots are very interesting. I just wished there had been more written about the character so I could know a little more about him. Certainly, the fact that he is dedicated comes through time and again as does his constant need to not let his emotions break free. Thinking about it, there is a chance that Breck is so much like his nose-to-the-grindstone boss, Clock, that he does not have a personal life.

There is no fluff in these two books. There is far more action than talking. There is little humor, except very wry comments about current situations. But the books keep moving and do not bog down so they are good reads.


My Grade: B-


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