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Full Name: Paul Bannerman
Codename: Mama's Boy
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: John R. Maxim
Time Span: 1986 - 2009


Paul Bannerman is the leader of a group of freelance agents.

At the age of 24, Paul Bannerman received word that his mother, Cassie, had been killed in an explosion in Europe. In her capacity as an art buyer for major museums, Cassie had traveled extensively and had often taken her son with her on the trips during his summer vacations from school. Now she was dead and Paul, having just graduated from college, wanted to find out why.

What he found out would change his life and set the foundation for a new career for Cassie was also an American Intelligence operative, codename Mama, who was the control of a small army of contract agents until she was set up and sold out by her own people (the CIA).

Paul's seeking the truth would have certainly resulted in his own death if he had not been 'adopted' by several of Mama's agents. They taught him the ropes and helped him achieve his revenge against the men who killed his mother. They also, unintentionally, created Cassie's successor. Paul had become leader to most of the same agents who followed his mother. He had become Mama's Boy.

For fifteen years he led his group of agents in assignments for most of the Western nations. During that time he gained a reputation, if not a mystique, as someone one did not mess with, someone who return suffering with more suffering, and someone who always got the job done.

During one of the assignments he did for his mother's previous employers, the CIA, Paul learned of a operation in place to 'reclaim' agents who were no longer able to operate in the field. Eight cities across America were used as so-called 'halfway cities' in which the agents could be brought back into mainstream life.

Most agents, Paul would learn, didn't make it and had to be 'removed' for the safety of general public. But some did. And that gave Paul the idea that he could make it work for his band of loyal followers.

Not wanting, however, to put his fate into the hands of the fickle and oft-times CIA, he went one step better. He took over one of the cities. He moved to Westport, Connecticut.

He staged no coup. He committed no act of aggression against the townsfolk. He and his people just moved in, bought houses, started businesses, and retired.

Of course, when various agencies sent people in to bother his people, either with offers of work or threats of imprisonment, they were returned in less than perfect shape. The harder the attack on his people, the worse the condition upon return. Sometimes the offending parties were never seen again.

After a while the word spread to not mess with Mama's Boy or his people. Some folks, unfortunately for themselves, never got the memo.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:1986
Last Appearance:2009

The excellent Paul Bannerman books actually number only 5, those with his name in the title. Other, also incredibly good novels, though, contribute to the storyline as they are about characters who have close ties to the spy master. All are worth reading. A couple of times.

0 Time Out Of Mine Time Out Of Mine
Written by John R. Maxim
Copyright: 1986

A New York television executive begins to have memories from a hundred years before and meeting a woman on the street, he knows he is destined to murder her. Detective Lesko is going to be drawn into this strange haunting.

1 The Bannerman Solution The Bannerman Solution
aka Lesko's Ghost
Written by John R. Maxim
Copyright: 1989

Bannerman's people had retired. Everyone knew that and had learned the hard way to leave them alone. But then the head of Operations for the CIA decided that the situation was just not acceptable and decided to force the issue. It was a mistake.
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2 The Bannerman Effect The Bannerman Effect
Written by John R. Maxim
Copyright: 1990

Bannerman had found love. He thought about a simple, uncomplicated life with her until someone tried to have her killed. Soon all of Mama's Boy's group were in action again to exact retribution and return the status quo.
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3 Bannerman's Law Bannerman's Law
Written by John R. Maxim
Copyright: 1991

Carla had always been the volatile of Bannerman's people but when her younger sister, a college student in California, was brutally assaulted and murdered, Carla's loose grip on civility was destroyed. So, soon, would be the lives of those she and Bannerman went after.
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4 Bannerman's Promise Bannerman's Promise
aka A Matter Of Honor
Written by John R. Maxim
Copyright: 1993

Once again things started with Carla. While grieving the loss of her sister, she met and fell in love with Aldo and things looked up. Then Aldo turned out to be a small operative for a Russian KGB general, Carla has to kill him, and the trouble really started. And Lesko and Elena were in Moscow when the bombs started to blow.
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5 Haven Haven
Written by John R. Maxim
Copyright: 1997

Elizabeth Stride was known as the Black Angel, one of the best assassins in the business. Now she had fled to Hilton Head to leave behind her past work, and a lover who broke her heart. When he reappears, she knows her life is on the line.
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6 Whistler's Angel Whistler's Angel
Written by John R. Maxim
Copyright: 2001

Adam Whistler worked as a semi-legal enforcer for the nation's drug czar and, as such, has been responsible for considerable deaths. When the czar starts using the enforcement to better his own bank account, however, Whistler becomes a liability that must be eliminated.
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7 Bannerman's Ghosts Bannerman's Ghosts
Written by John R. Maxim
Copyright: 2003

Billionaire Artemus Bourne wants revenge against an Angolan rebel leader and knows that the best way to achieve that is to force the help of retired assassin Elizabeth Stride. She, however, is one of Bannerman's group and he doesn't like his friends inconvenienced.
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8 The Aisha Prophecy The Aisha Prophecy
Written by John R. Maxim
Copyright: 2009

Elizabeth Stride's days as the Black Angel were over. She was happy in her new life as a mother to several girls, living with a man she had loved once very much. One of the girls is named Aisha and suddenly on the Internet all over the world is evidence that she is one foretold in a prophecy, a daughter of Mohammed reborn.
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This series is, simply put, TERRIFIC! Maxim's writing grabs you, holds you, and makes you not want to be let go. I truly cannot say enough good about the books and recommend them without equivocation.

The reasons are many. You get to know the characters almost instantly. The ones who are meant to be liked are very likable and the bad guys quickly learn it is not a good role to play. The plots are highly entertaining. The machinations of Paul Bannerman are clever and very enjoyable. There is enough variety in the different main characters to satisfy everyone. And best of all is the feeling that comes when you know Bannerman has been pushed a bit farther than he should be. It will not work out well for the bad guy.

I so very much wish Mr. Maxim would give us more. I am greedy that way.


My Grade: A++

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Rayderz A++ 2020-04-08

I too, am simply thrilled and entertained by the Bannerman series and the writing’s of Mr. Maxim. My only disappointments are that the series seems to have ended and there hasn’t been a movie made.

dbuhler A++ 2020-05-31

Intense yet often hilarious

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