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Full Name: Agent Bennet
Nationality: Unknown
Organization: The Orphanage
Occupation Agent

Creator: R. S. Twells
Time Span: 2021 - 2024


Agent Bennet is an agent with the Orphanage.

That is what the young members of the organization call it and it is apt by way of being totally honest. It is an orphanage, though its inhabitants are specially tested and appraised for whatever skills they had or could be taught to make them excellent agents for this private security firm. From the time each of them was five, their schooling would be tailored to making them operative worthy of handling more complicated assignments as they got older. This is no small operation for while each year would see a new class of only around 8 children joining the instruction, having that many in classes for ages 5 - 17 meant there were nearly 200 orphan/students in attendance.

We learn that this "agency" which had been around for a very long time was international; there were 4 orphanages around the world. Each has their own way of doing things and of procuring their students but they all shared the same concept of getting children when they are young, figuring how best to use them, and then training them in both the standard matters of spycraft and in their specialty.

Bennet is unique at this facility in that he and his twin brother Collin were the only twins the organization had every taken. They have been with the Orphanage since their parents died in a car crash when they were very little so the Orphanage is all they ever knew. They were extremely happy there and had never thought of living anywhere else, though now that they were 16, they had started to think what they might do when they graduated. Collin was planning to stay in the espionage business, working for the organization as an adult as many of the graduates did. Bennet was pretty sure he would do the same but ...

Collin is a 'field', the term used for those who go in action and danger. Bennet was an 'earpiece', someone who stayed, to use the common expression now, "in the van" or back at HQ but monitored events and kept in constant contact with the field agent passing vital intel as the mission progressed. Both were extremely good at their jobs. And they made a terrific partnership. Until a mission went terribly bad.

The majority of the adventures we have deal only with a bereft Bennet and how he learns to cope with the loss and how he chose to change his life completely.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2024

1 The Field Agent The Field Agent
Written by R. S. Twells
Copyright: 2021

Reeling from the loss of his twin brother, Bennet is determined to make a switch of professions from tech to field agent. With no one else at the Orphanage believing in him except fellow agent Darcy, Bennet comes to realize how much danger he has put himself and his fellow student into. And in the final class assignment, failure could mean death for himself and his classmates, the only family he has left.
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2 The First Traitor The First Traitor
Written by R. S. Twells
Copyright: 2022

"The Orphanage is frantically on the hunt for the mysterious person known as the Shepherd, who they are convinced is set on wreaking havoc in the world. Bennet and Darcy have been kicked off the assignment and told to focus on their training. But during a routine assignment to Google headquarters, Bennet encounters the last person he expected to see—and barely survives."
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3 The Fallen Within The Fallen Within
Written by R. S. Twells
Copyright: 2024

"Agent Bennet .. is about to face his greatest challenge yet: himself. Armed with the shocking revelation that the sinister Shepherd has turned more than one of their own into a pawn against the Orphanage, Bennet sets out to expose everything the Shepherd has planned. But his path is riddled with peril, and he’ll need to rally all of his friends if he hopes to survive."
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Oh, how I wish I had had this series when I was a kid. I would have loved it so much. I know this because as a fully grown kid, I loved and enjoyed it a bunch. I am not the target audience but I still devoured these adventures. I could not get enough of Agent Bennet and the others in his class at the Orphanage. I was especially fascinated by fellow agent-in-training Darcy. What a terrific pair they make.

There are some interesting twists in this series. A couple I could sort of see coming but a couple that smacked me unexpectedly in the face and left me wide-eyed. That does not happen often any more but I love it when it does.

Well done to author R.S. Twells!!!


My Grade: A-


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