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Full Name: Patrick Coonan
Codename: Delta
Nationality: American
Organization: The Quadrille
Occupation Agent

Creator: Oscar Ortiz
Time Span: 2023 - 2024


Patrick Coonan is an agent with the Quadrille.

That is the name of a special Department of Defense project for which Colonel Marlon Berkowitz was chosen to head. Berkowitz, a veteran of the Vietnam War, was told to "recruit and shape a very special unit of covert operatives to eliminate Soviet Bloc saboteurs operating in the United States". The sub-agency was created in the mid-80s and the primary period of operations that we follow in these adventures is the second half of that decade. The Cold War is still underway but the signs are emerging that the Soviet Union is in desperate trouble. Unfortunately for those in the intelligence community, that also meant that the infamous KGB was working overtime to save the ailing nation and the way chosen by it to accomplish that was to attack the West from the inside.

When looking for trained personnel to become his operatives, Berkowitz, rudely referred to by an opponent as "a bald chimpanzee", had several already in mind and prominent on that list was Coonan. We are told in an introduction of players in the first recorded adventure that Coonan was "a young Sgt. Major with the U.S. Ranger Corps, and an expert marksman who fought in Grenada performing covert missions assigned to him by Col. Berkowitz without Coonan's knowing. At the end of the conflict, he is stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia under Commander Silas Manor, and employed as master-instructor in the Rangers Sniper School."

Within the Quadrille, Coonan is given the codename of 'Delta'. His first indoctrination to the organization, once he had decided to accept the offer, came with an eight-page file he was told to read. "It turned out to be a manual explaining different ways of how to carry out a cold-blooded murder." An unusual welcome made interesting to Coonan once he got past the "I'm a trained sniper. I know how to kill." attitude and read the pages. He quickly came to realize that there was a lot to the killing business and all on "a different level of assassination" than what he was accustomed to.

Quite telling about the kind of man that Coonan is comes during the period of intense training that came with his new job. He spent several hours a day on the firing range, learned to fly several forms of aircraft, both winged and rotor, became an excellent driver, learned to sail, and considerably more. All of this training was recapped by him with the ending admission that "now I was having fun!"

He would have even more fun once he got into the field.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2023
Last Appearance:2024

At the time of this posting, there are 4 Patrick Coonan adventures in English. There are 3 more, for a total of 7, that are, according to the author, available in Spanish and French. There are going to be an additional 7 for a total of 14 in all planned for the Coonan saga.

The other titles in the first group of 7 are:

- Spanish: El submarino (The Submarine)
- French: L'Gambit du Magdalena (The Magdalena Gambit)

- Spanish: Los Que Matan Por Ganar (Those Who Kill To Win)
-  French: Ceux Qui Tuent Pour Gagner (Those Who Kill To Win)

- Spanish: El Particular (The Particular)
- French: La Particulier (The Patricular)

1 The Quadrille The Quadrille
aka La Cuadrilla
Written by Oscar Ortiz
Copyright: 2023

Operation: Red Mushroom
As the Cold War moves into its last decade, American Intelligence learns of a KGB plan to "insert a 'dirty bomb' in the island of Manhattan and blow it off the face of the Earth in case of nuclear war." The Quadrille is created to bring in operatives to go after those in the States involved. Patrick Coonan is the first man the founder thought of.
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2 Red Goliath Red Goliath
aka El Regreso de Goliat
Written by Oscar Ortiz
Copyright: 2024

Operation: High Keys
A few years have elapsed since the fall of the Berlin Wall and, with the collapse of the Iron Curtain, Washington decides to disband the Quadrille. But there are rumors in the grapevine that a former Russian operative of the Soviet GRU is back in action working with the Russian Mafia, and someone in Capitol Hill gives orders to Col. Berkowitz to infiltrate America's East Coast underworld with one of his former troubleshooters from the Cold War era. The problem is the right man for the job is no longer around ... Patrick Coonan; codename Delta.
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3 One Deadly Souk One Deadly Souk
aka La cola del Alacran
Written by Oscar Ortiz
Copyright: 2024

Coming in June.
"Operation: Scorpion Tail. Paired with the dazzling redhead Jessica Fitts, aka Agent Phi, Delta is sent to Colombia on a joint mission with a loose cannon from the OCF's Moscow Bureau. Apparently, Coonan's orders are to eliminate a "ghost from the past" and neutralize the threat said "ghost" poses by opening a Weapons of Mass Destruction bazaar in the jungles of South America, with an eye to supplying Communist guerrillas and a certain Muslim terror group preparing to launch its own brand of Jihad against Uncle Sam."

4 The Caribbean Sedition The Caribbean Sedition
aka La sombrilla del Caribe
Written by Oscar Ortiz
Copyright: 2024

Coming in September.
"Operation: Parasol. Agent Delta and his partner Phi are sent to the island of Aruba for some major “house-cleaning”. Rumors have it that the Ostrovsky Clan have invested millions on the sandy beaches of the Caribbean, precisely on Eagle Beach, where they have established a money-laundering network to filter the profits of their illegal operations from around the globe and those from the Latin American drug cartels in the area and the Islamic terrorist groups!"


I got a kick out of the two Coonan adventures. He is definitely the main star of the series and plays, naturally, huge roles in both but he is not the only character and some of these other folks get a good deal of attention as well which really keeps the reader aware of what is going on even as Coonan might not yet have a clue. I really like that approach.

The feel of this series takes me back to the adventures I read back in the 70s with many of those books written in the 60s. [And I ate those stories up!]. Mostly I was reminded of the Nick Carter Killmaster series when written by skilled authors like David Hagberg, Martin Cruz Smith, and especially the highly gifted Ralph Hayes. Like Hayes, the Patrick Coonan adventures author, Oscar Ortiz, can keep the action going while still giving us enough back-story of the characters to make them seem real.

While the first book had some rough edges, IMHO, the second one was quite good and I look forward to more adventures about Patrick Coonan finding their way into English.


My Grade: B+


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