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Full Name: Xavier Saint
Nationality: Canadian
Organization: None
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: Ethan Jones
Time Span: 2023 - 2023


Xavier Saint is an assassin.

He kills people for money and he is very, very good at it. He is also quite expensive. And he is tired of his chosen career and wants to leave it behind. He does not want that enough to just walk away; the money is too good to pass up. When we meet him in the first recorded adventure, he is in Budva, Montenegro, going after a target there for one reason only - the payment was very generous.

"Over the last year, he had been desperately seeking the final job and a clean exit. One big score so that he could successfully turn his back to this kind of life, if he could call it life. But that job was always elusive; always one contract away. His dream for a cabin by the lake would have to wait, along with his plans for hiking and boating. It wasn't going to happen now, but Saint hoped it would be soon, very soon."

Saint had no qualms about eliminating a target; when and where and how were his questions, not why. He does have a couple of rules, though, and they were that he would never go after children or women. This moral code will prove to be his undoing, at least as it concerns his 'regular' employers, but it will give him an even better reason to continue to live.

Canadian by birth and having served with the Canadian Armed Forces and attended its School of Military Intelligence, Xavier Saint is described as being in extremely good shape with an athletic body and a handsome face. Saint has blond hair long enough to touch the nape of his neck. He preferred to have a beard and only removed it if a contract required.

The adventures we have to follow Saint on deal largely with the ramifications of his being determined not only expendable but also a liability by those who use his talents. Throw in the fact that he discovers he has a young son who is likely also a target and Saint has a reason to fight back.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2023
Last Appearance:2023

1 Assassin's Call Assassin's Call
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2023

"Assassin Xavier Saint has only one rule: kill no innocents. But on a supposed clean hit, he discovers his target has two kids and a woman with him. Why didn’t his client tell Saint? What’s worse, the woman is Saint’s former girlfriend...
While Saint processes this strange turn of events shots are fired. He watches the target and his ex fall. Rushing in to assess the damage, Saint’s ex reveals he’s a father. Not only that, he discovers he’s been set up.
In a race across Europe, Saint can barely stay a step ahead of those hunting him. He has uncovered a network of assassins eliminating innocents for profit, and he is being framed as the fall guy. With more to lose than just his life, Saint must bring down the entire network. But how?"
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2 Assassin's Vow Assassin's Vow
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2023

"Assassin Xavier Saint is doing all he can to discover more about a network of assassins who are killing innocents while trying to stay one step ahead. But that is proving to be very costly. At the same time, to find and protect his daughter, Saint must pay back favors, which were steep and many. Now his “friends” have come for their pound of flesh…
Forced into a deadly assignment to save his new-found family, Saint vows to end the network and be the father he never knew he was. But how can he?
During all of this, he obtains suspicious intelligence that his ex-girlfriend might still be alive. With the network hellbent on eliminating him, no true friends, and the trap closing all around him, will Saint be able to get some answers and keep his promise before it’s too late?"
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The trope of an assassin who is tired of killing and wants out is by no mean rare but when it is done with a deft hand such as author Ethan Jones, it is both comfortable and exciting (rare combination but beautifully pulled off here). The protagonist is not exactly a good guy - hey, he kills people for money! - but he does have his own code and he gets pretty riled when it is countervened. And he is good enough at fighting that he can demonstrate his unhappiness pretty effectively, which makes for highly entertaining reading. Again, that is sort of expected these days from the author.

I have read all of Ethan Jones' other series and liked them a bunch. Add Xavier Saint to that list, please.


My Grade: B+


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