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Full Name: Dan Radford
Nationality: American
Organization: EP
Occupation Agent

Creator: Wes Allen
Time Span: 2023 - 2023


Dan Radford is an agent with EP.

That acronym stands for Eradication Portal which is not a company or agency name per se but the online channel through which Radford, with the help of his best friend and somewhat partner, Johnny Breslin, get the very lucrative contracts. And by contract, I mean the now common usage of the word for paid assassinations.

It would not be unexpected to surmise the the EP was created and maintained by a government agency using the anonymous mechanism to order the deaths of very bad people around the world. That theory will be validated in the second recorded adventure but who and why are best left to the reader to discover.

What we know from the start of the first mission we follow Radford on is that he is very good at what he does and has done it 24 times officially. We know this because as he signs onto the EP network, his stats are presented to him - and thus to us:

Dan Radford - DOB 1/12/1986 [making him 37 at our introduction]. 6'3" tall with brown wavy hair, 9% body fat, no distinguishing body marks. He lives in Boulder, Colorado and is an expert with assault rifles, daggers, garrote wire, poison, spikes, and darts.

We also learn, not just from this fact sheet but also from watching him in his private life, that he is married happily to Elana Radford and has been for quite a few years. They have three children together, 12-year-old Patrick, 10-year-old Eric, and 8-year-old Arianna. The home life for them all is a good one and Radford regrets leaving them every time there is a new contract for him to accept or refuse.

He does refuse a good number of them which is unusual because we are told that failure to accept at least 50% of those offered is grounds for expulsion. Radford accepts around 10% and yet is kept in the fold because he has never failed. Radford's reasons for declining a contract are two: the money has to be very good and the target has to be very bad.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2023
Last Appearance:2023

1 A Click Away A Click Away
Written by Wes Allen
Copyright: 2023

On another contract for EP, Dan Radford "is hunting down Enrique Salazar, a lieutenant in the Sinaloa Cartel. A man without a conscience. Salazar is a stone-cold killer and exceptionally elusive."
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2 Double Action Double Action
Written by Wes Allen
Copyright: 2023

"Assassin, Dan Radford, accepts a contract to eliminate an elusive serial killer who haunts the streets of Sydney, Australia. Radford finds things are not as they seem to be down under."
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The lead character, Dan Radford, has an interesting life. He accepts a contract to eliminate some bad fellow somewhere in the world, kisses his wife and children good-bye as he heads out on another 'business trip', takes care of sad nogoodnik, and then comes home to a warm welcome having earned a very good deal of money. Hey, I could do that! Well, I am not big into travel these days unless my wife goes with me. And killing someone is, well, no. But the coming home to that kind of welcome with that kind of income, oh yeah.

Except for the sorts of trouble that Radford has to deal with on the assignment which is a lot. So, I guess not.

But for reading while safely at home, yeah. That I can do.


My Grade: B


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