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Full Name: David and Mariella Sheridan
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Colin Davy
Time Span: 1935 - 1936


David and Mariella Sheridan are agents of British Intelligence.

When we first meet them they are not a couple though they will become so as time goes by. In fact, this new romance will come despite the fact that with Mariella being deep undercover in multiple identities, she will come to the suspicious attention of David unaware that she was working for the same country's intelligence agencies.

David Sheridan is already an operative when we are introduced to him and his investigations into the activities of Russian agents will take him into contact with Mariella whose suspicious behavior makes him think she might well be undercover herself; unfortunately and mistakenly thinking it is for the other side.

Mariella, for her part, earns this suspicion as she is out to get revenge on the Bolsheviks who have murdered her father, a diplomat for the British government, as well as a couple of her friends. To find some form of justice, she opts to secretly join with British Intelligence and to use her not insignificant acting abilities to take on many parts, such as "masquerade as a low-class Russian servant, an actress, a beautiful courtesan, a sprightly French girl, an old woman", and Agent 'No. 24'".

By the end of the first adventure these two will have fallen in love and decide to settle down to get married, leaving the espionage world behind. Unfortunately, both are quite used to excitement and danger by now so marital bliss is having a hard time filling their home. Both are decidedly bored. When "an international secret service man" named Verlayne, working on behalf of the League of Nations, asks for their help in looking into various matters, both eagerly leap at the offer.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1935
Last Appearance:1936

1 Mariella - Spy! Mariella - Spy!
Written by Colin Davy
Copyright: 1935

Mariella is out for revenge against the Bolsheviks for the murder of her diplomat father and some friends of hers. To get justice for their deaths she joins up with British Intelligence and in doing so, earns the suspicion of another operative, David Sheridan.

2 Agents Of The League Agents Of The League
Written by Colin Davy
Copyright: 1936

Both David and Mariella Sheridan have become quite bored with their retirement so when Verlayne, international secret service agent for the League of Nations, asks for their help, they seize the chance. The mission is "to discover what men are at the back of various occurrences which have obviously been engineered by political interests. These include the murder of a British Agent stationed in Egypt, causing a brawl between Italian and British sailors in Alexandria, and the arrest of the PM's nephew on the charge of espionage.


I would have loved for the author, Colin Davy, to have continued the adventures of  David and Mariella, especially since all of Europe was steamrolling towards the Second World War and intrigue all of the Continent was so rife it would have keep both of these people super busy and the readers of that day highly entertained.

Unfortunately, Mr. Davy moved onto what seems a major passion of his - horse racing - and that would occupy his writing talents for the rest of his writing career. More the pity as Mariella is a remarkable woman.


My Grade: B


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